Blank Weekly/Daily Kids Chore List

A Blank Weekly Chore Chart for Kids.

Blank Weekly/Daily Kids Chore List

Help get you and your kids organized with a daily chore chart.

This free weekly chore chart can be individualized and used for multiple kids in the house. There are four charts per page with a section for the week and a place for one of the child’s name. You can list up to five chores per week.

You can customize this chart and adjust for number of children and also include special projects or seasonal tasks.

So make your kids custom checklist, get some stickers that your children can use to mark off the chores they have completed, and feel a sense of pride in a job well done.

How to Use the Chore List

The chart is easy to fill in and easy to read. For example you might list pick up room (Saturday), put dishes away (Monday and Thursday), fold clothes (Saturday) or cut the grass (Sunday) or more age appropriate chores for the younger kids like putting their toys away and helping to put dishes in the dishwasher.

Enter the date for the “Week of” and the child’s “Name” then under the “Chore” column enter a task for them to do.

Then under a day of the week, put an X in a square for the day(s) of the week the chore needs to be completed.

Helpful Tips

  • Use red stars or stickers the child can place in the box when the job is finished. I loved red stars as a kid myself. It really adds to a child’s sense of accomplishment.
  • The difficulty of the chore should match the age of the child(ren).
  • You can post this on the refrigerator or another designated place.

Hopefully this will be a quick and easy tool to help with the organization of your household and to start teaching the kids responsibility.

Note: This Kids Chore Checklist is in Microsoft Word format. Download this Weekly Kids Chore List in Word format.

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