House Cleaning and Stain Removal Tips

Ball of Chapstick and How to Remove Stains if Gone Through Laundry.

How to Get Chap Stick Stains out of Clothes

Removing Chap Stick Stains from Clothing I have fought chap stick stains for years. When there are two young girls in the house, you find tubes of Chapstick almost everywhere – furniture, broken on the floor and the laundry – to just name a few places. When a tube of chap stick goes through a…

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Cleaning and Disinfecting Around House for COVID-19 Tips.

Cleaning Tips for COVID-19

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing Your Home With the outbreak of COVID-19 it’s important to clean, sanitize and disinfect, especially frequently touched surfaces and commonly used areas. Although the risk of exposure is greater via person to person rather than touching surfaces, many are staying indoors and having items delivered. Even if you are leaving the…

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Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips.

Basic Carpet Cleaning Tips

What are the Basics of Cleaning Carpets? The basics of carpet cleaning are pretty much common knowledge. You follow manufacturers recommendations. Vacuum regularly, clean carpet spills and stains as soon as possible to avoid permanent staining and have them professionally cleaned periodically. Besides vacuuming regularly, it’s important to know the basics of stain removal as…

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Cleaning During Self Isolation.

Cleaning and Organizing During Self-Isolation

How to Make Your Home Clean and Organized During Self-Isolation Most of us know that organizing is one of those household tasks that is not always at the top of our to do list. Some of us who only have a couple of people in the house do organizational tasks a little bit everyday but…

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Cleaning Supplies for Cleaning Surfaces Around the House.

How to Clean, Disinfect and Sanitize Surfaces in the Home

Cleaning, Disinfecting and Sanitizing Surfaces In every home there are dozens of surfaces that need to be cleaned. Some of these surfaces are cleaned as they are used; such as kitchen counters when meal prepping. Many surfaces are only cleaned weekly or bi-weekly with regular household cleanings. But when you or another family member gets…

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Nice Clean and Bright Kitchen.

5 Kitchen Cleaning Tips

Effective Ways to Clean Around the Kitchen For all the time we spend cleaning around the house, have you ever wondered if there is something you can do differently that could be more effective? Take the kitchen for instance, we can’t make it any more fun to clean but we can give you a few…

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Clean Towels Washed with Some of Mrs. Cleans Favorite Laundry Products.

Mrs Cleans Favorite Laundry Products

Is Your Skin Sensitive to Laundry Products? Before I get down to my favorite laundry products, let me briefly tell you a something that happened to my daugther. My daughter went through a period of having extremely sensitive skin. She would break out with random skin rashes, hives, and other breakouts. In the beginning, we…

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A Clean Home and How it Can Sell Your Home Faster.

A Clean Home Can Help Sell Your Home Faster

Should I Hire a House Cleaning Service When Selling My Home? There’s a lot of expense that goes into selling a home. Does cleaning really need to be one of them? Ask yourself this: If you were a potential home buyer touring a home on the market and you walked into a dirty, chaotic mess,…

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Kids Toy and How to Downsize and Organize.

How to Downsize and Organize Kids Toys

Tips for Organizing the Kids Toys Does your house look like a tornado just blew through that left toys scattered everywhere? Honestly, when my kids were younger, the family room and their bedrooms were littered with toys that seemed to be taking over the entire house. I liked knowing my children had a safe place…

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Laundry Products Used for Conquering Laundry Day.

Tips for Conquering the Laundry

How to Make Laundry Day Easier What is it about laundry that makes it one of our least favorite chores? I mean, it’s fairly easy to put the clothes in the washer and then transfer those clothes to the dryer, right? We can pretty much walk off and do other things while the clothes are…

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