House Cleaning Chore Checklist

Clean Dishware Sitting on Countertop.

House Cleaning Chore Checklist

With our busy schedules, who has time to think about what needs to be done.

List of Household Cleaning Tasks.If you like going to concerts in the park with your friends and entertaining afterwards, you may find yourself frantically running around the house willy nilly cleaning one area but forgetting another all together.

And this can and does happen (I’ve been there and done it), especially when it’s a work night and time is short between the time you get home and the time you leave.

So I’m tired of being unorganized and whipped up this checklist into daily, weekly, monthly, seasonal, and even a customized section for cleaning up when you’ll be entertaining.

This at-a-glance housecleaning checklist will quickly help you and others get the house clean. (From a woman that has really had to learn to get her act together!)

Don’t let the chores pile up and sit undone when you can stay on top of them.

You can download the Excel file and add additional tasks as needed.

Download this House Cleaning Chore Checklist in Excel format.

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