Tips for Organizing Craft Supplies

Organizing Craft Room Supplies.

Get Creative With the Way you Organize Craft Supplies.

Organizing Craft Supplies

Are you the type of person who can fix anything, keep children entertained with art projects, make homemade gifts and cards for everyone when the rest of us only talk about it?

Crafting requires a lot of stuff, I know, I have lots of the stuff and one of the biggest complaints from people with home hobbies is that it’s difficult to neatly organize all the supplies they have and use.

Fortunately, with craft hobbies soaring, there are truly storage options to fit just about any need and we’re here to help organize your craft supplies.

Organizing for Sewing, Needlework, and Craft Supplies

Whether you are mending your family’s clothes or whipping up cute new projects, you need a sturdy, clean workspace for sewing. When you start stacking torn clothing, new fabric purchases, magazines, and patterns in your sewing area, you’re more likely to procrastinate then get actual work done.

If you like to do needlework such as knitting, crocheting, or macramé these supplies of yarn, needles, patterns, macramé cords can all pile up as well. And if you have cats, they love playing with a ball of yarn making a complete mess of it.

If you’re a scrapbooker, you know how many supplies can seriously overtake a space in no time. I’ve been there; I had a Michaels store in the closet with just about all the new fancy gadgets that came out on the market.

Let’s take a look at some of the things that can be used for storing your supplies.

Clear Plastic Totes

Clear plastic totes are great storage options for so many craft supplies. You can clearly see what’s inside and they come in a variety of sizes and they are stackable.

You can sort fabrics by color, project, and kids projects. Clear totes are a great place to keep all your different threads, bobbins, stamps, knitting needles, gems and beads.

The nice thing about clear totes is you can buy them in a variety of sizes. If you make jewelry, there are some nice grid containers. You can even now buy storage sets that come with round storage jars.

Jars for Accessories

So many items can fit in jars like mason jars or large clear cookies jars. Buttons, beads, scissors, pencils, needles, ribbons, embroidery threads, lace and so much more can fit in jars. They can also be attached to the underside of a shelf for space saving.

Pegboard for Organizing Supplies

Pegboard is a great way to store many items for sewing and craft supplies. These easily hang on the wall and can be used for thread, scissors, tapes, sprays and you can hang baskets and shelving from them as well.

File Cabinet Organization

File cabinets are great for so many crafting supplies: scrapbook papers, fabrics, books, magazines, patterns and so much more. You can paint them to fit your personality as well, now there’s a project.

Keep in mind these need to be organized properly to help prevent them from falling. Place them against a wall for stability. Drawers should be equal in weight if possible. Heavier items should be placed in the bottom drawers, if heavy things are placed in a top drawer; it can cause the file cabinet to fall forward when the drawer is pulled out.

Magazine Holders for Magazines, Patterns and Books

You can use magazine holders for patterns, craft books and magazines and if you do a lot of sewing you can even use them for interfacing.

Closet Organizers

If you don’t need the closet in your craft room for extra clothing, use it for your supplies. There are so many, many closet storage options available where you can put away irons, papers, yarns and so much more.

Craftsman Rolling Toolbox

These are not just for storing tools in. You can store crochet hooks, needles, sewing supplies, pens, pencils, sewing rulers, threads and on and on and on I can go.

Crafting Table with Storage

You can get creative and make your own or you can buy a craft table with storage that has shelves, drawers, and small compartments. Craft tables are great for standing to work on scrapbooking and to sit at the table and work on sewing projects. In cubbies you can put twines, ribbons and some papers on spools for easy access. You can also use fabric boxes that have kids supplies in them for easy access.