Home Organizing Tips

Cleaning During Self Isolation.

Cleaning and Organizing During Self-Isolation

How to Make Your Home Clean and Organized During Self-Isolation Most of us know that organizing is one of those household tasks that is not always at the top of our to do list. Some of us who only have a couple of people in the house do organizational tasks a little bit everyday but…

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Kids Toy and How to Downsize and Organize.

How to Downsize and Organize Kids Toys

Tips for Organizing the Kids Toys Does your house look like a tornado just blew through that left toys scattered everywhere? Honestly, when my kids were younger, the family room and their bedrooms were littered with toys that seemed to be taking over the entire house. I liked knowing my children had a safe place…

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A Messy and Cluttered Garage.

How to Spring Clean the Garage

Spring Cleaning the Garage The garage is generally where things go when they don’t have another home, so figuring out where to start can be overwhelming. There may be toys, tools, and boxes stacked every which way, but don’t despair; spring cleaning the garage is possible. The garage is one of my favorite places to…

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Laptop Sitting on Home Office Desk.

Home Office Closet Organization

Organizing Your Home Office Closet If you have a room in your house that doubles as a home office you will most likely need to use the closet in that room as storage for supplies. Having a clean and organized space, even the closet, can make your work day more manageable. And if your home…

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Glass Canisters on Kitchen Counter.

Thrifty Ideas to Get Organized

Getting Organized with These Thrifty Ideas Are you tired of the unorganized mess around your house? Do you want to get organized and clean up the space you live in? I started out in a small home with small rooms and a growing family. Magazines on tabletops and kitchen counters so full we couldn’t use…

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Organizational Steps Chart.

Tips for Organizing and Storing your Belongings

Tips for Organizing and Storing your Belongings Organizing and storing my personal belongings has been a problem that I have had to face since I became an adult. Actually, I think this has been an age old problem for humans since we stopped being nomads and settled down and began accumulating “stuff”. The good news…

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A Clean and Organized Garage.

Tips for Organizing the Garage

How to Organize the Garage My husband is one of those that believe the garage should be used only for what it was meant for. (That’s ONLY the Car). Unfortunately, it can’t always be that way. At least on one side of the garage… We accumulate “stuff” in my garage; stuff for holiday decorations, stuff…

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A Freshly Made Bed is Just One Way to Create a Cozy Guest Room.

Creating and Organizing a Spare Room for Guests

A Freshly Made Bed is Just One Way to Create a Cozy Guest Room.

How to Prepare a Spare Room for Guests

It isn’t often but we do get the occasional visitor that stays a night or two or more. My kids still live at home while continuing their education, sometimes they have a friend that is in town visiting and they all want their own room.

Other times it might be family members that are in town over a holiday and they definitely want their own room.

Whatever the reason is – we are here to help you make relaxing accommodations for a guest room that might be a spare room or one that doubles as a den or home office.

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Craft Pin How to Organize Craft Rooms

How to Organize your Craft Room

How to Organize your Craft Room If you love crafts then you know how easily your passion for this hobby can take over. Scrap book supplies stacked in one corner, fabric and material piled on a chair, yarns, thread and knitting needles bursting out of drawers, cabinets, closets, and shelves. It doesn’t matter whether you…

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Clean Organized Home Office

Organizing Tips for the Home Office

Organizing Tips for the Home Office As more and more people work from home, the home office is a new essential living space. That also means that we have yet another area that gets cluttered, dirty and has to be cleaned and organized. I am able to work from home and while I greatly enjoy…

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