Cleaning and Organizing During Self-Isolation

Cleaning During Self Isolation.

Ideas for Cleaning and Organizing During Isolation.

How to Make Your Home Clean and Organized During Self-Isolation

Most of us know that organizing is one of those household tasks that is not always at the top of our to do list.

Some of us who only have a couple of people in the house do organizational tasks a little bit everyday but when there is a family with kids, organizing can get put off and off. When this happens, the house can become filled with stuff that grows into more stuff.

But – because we are in the middle of having to self-isolate and work from home (in some cases) – now we have the time to organize around the house. And if you have kids that are out of school, get them involved.

And because we have this time on our hands, you can maintain a routine throughout the day. Do a little each day to have a clean and tidy home space, and something else to focus on and keep us active.

There are many tips for organizing that work and these simple organizing tips can help you get some of that stuff and clutter put away.

Closet Cleanse and Organizing Clothes

Doing a closet cleanse and organizing your clothes can be just as satisfying as a shopping trip to the mall. Your older kids will probably have fun doing this also, you never know what you’ll find that was forgotten about.

Arranging clothes by color and category (blouses, t-shirts, coats, pants, etc.) makes a closet and drawers have a little bit of a “wow” factor.

While we’re practicing social distance and self-isolation there may not be donation centers open so for clothes that don’t fit any longer, you may have to store these in the garage until you can donate them.

Organizing Pantry Shelves

In just about every pantry there are items that are never used and expired. This is a good time to clean out the old and organize the shelves.

Thank goodness, garbage pickup is still happening. Toss the old and arrange shelves by category such as: breakfast, lunch, spices, baking items, dinner, quick and easy meals, snacks and so on.

Under Sink Organization

Under sink organization (like bathrooms and under the kitchen sink) can also be cleaned and organized and if you have storage bins you’re not using anywhere else, you can label them for hair supplies, makeup, cleaning supplies, trash bags and so on.

Put Toys Away Before Bed

If the kids are old enough to play with toys, they’re old enough to help put them away. Putting toys away before going to bed helps to:

  • Establish a routine that teaches kids about personal responsibility.
  • Allow them to start the next day with an uncluttered room.
  • Allows you to relax and enjoy a show, a book or whatever it is that you enjoy doing in a clean and tidy.

You can give each child an easy to carry basket for cleaning up toys. Then they can carry it to their room and put toys away where they belong before bed.

These are just some of the things you can easily clean and organize to keep you busy. I’m sure there are more places around the house though so I hope we’ve given you ideas of where to start.

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