Singer Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Singer Lazer Storm vacuum:

Singer is a name very familiar to Americans who like to sew.

They have a long history of selling superior sewing machines. Fewer people know that the company also makes other home appliances, including vacuum cleaners, and related accessories, like vacuum bags, belts, and filters.

While the Singer vacuum cleaner selection is limited, a popular model is the Singer Lazer Storm Bagless Upright Cyclonic.

It has two things going for it: it’s inexpensive ($50-$60) and it’s very versatile. Singer calls it a ‘3-in-1’ vacuum, because it works as a standard upright, has a hose and attachments to work like a small canister vacuum, and has a detachable handheld vacuum as well.

As you’ll see later, however, there are some serious drawbacks associated with this vacuum cleaner.

Singer Vacuum Features:

Here are some more of the features included in this model we reviewed:

  • 650-watt motor (about 6 amps)
  • Electrostatic micro fiber filter
  • Detachable handheld vacuum (fits in body of upright)
  • Dual extension wands
  • Tools include brush and crevice tool (stored separately)
  • Transparent front dust and dirt container (bagless)
  • Collapsible handle for convenient storage
  • 10.5-inch cleaning width
  • 8 lbs
  • 26-foot power cord
  • Price: $50-$60


The best thing about this Singer vacuum cleaner is its versatility. You can use it on carpets, bare floors, stairs, drapes, upholstery, under furniture, along baseboards, and even to clean out your car. If you’re on a tight budget, this vacuum is very appealing.


For a compact upright, 650 watts is a respectable amount of motor power. It’s nothing to brag about, but for the money, it’s good. As long as you don’t expect this machine to tackle high-pile carpets that haven’t been cleaned in months, it’s the right amount of suction power.


The micro fiber filter is par for the course in low-end upright vacuum cleaners. It will weed out most of the dust and debris, but it’s not enough if you have allergy problems.


The handheld vacuum works well, and stores unobtrusively in the body of the upright. It is lightweight and fits comfortably in any size hand.


This vacuum has dual extension wands, which is a pleasant surprise. You’ll be able to reach up high and far underneath furniture and beds. This is definitely one of the best features on this inexpensive vacuum!

The collapsible handle makes storing this vacuum as easy as it gets, even if your closets are stuffed to the rafters or there’s a mess under your bed.

Cleaning Path:

It’s tempting to conclude that the 10.5-inch cleaning path is too small, but keep in mind that we’re talking about a compact upright here. 10.5 inches is right in line with the 6-amp motor. This vacuum was not intended to compete with more expensive, full-sized uprights.


Another of this vacuum cleaner’s big selling points is the weight. At 8 lbs., this vacuum won’t tax you, even if you’re not very strong. If you have a child who you want to give this chore to, there’s no need to feel guilty about making him or her push and lug around a big 20-pounder designed for bigger bodies.


Finally, there’s the price tag. $50-$60 is obviously very affordable, and (at least on paper) this vacuum seems to exceed the highest expectations for a machine in that price range. No doubt, a 3-in-1 vacuum for $50 is amazing, all other things being equal.

Pros and Cons

Unfortunately, the promise of this vacuum on paper hasn’t quite been realized in real life. There are some issues that came up in our review. From a physical design standpoint, there is really only one problem, and it’s fairly minor. The power cord is too short at 26 feet. This is becoming a common refrain, but there’s no reason why manufacturers don’t make all of their upright and canister vacuums with cords at least 40 feet long! The additional parts and production costs would be minimal, and the vast majority of home users would be more than willing to pay a few more dollars for the added convenience.

Beyond that, we again turn to customer reviews to get a true picture of the good, the bad, and the ugly from the mouths of people who have used this Singer vacuum cleaner in their homes. Of the 50+ reviews posted on several top websites, a few complaints are repeated over and over again.

First, many people noted that the filter clogs too easily. Moreover, it’s hard to get clean without using water, which then prevents its use until it completely dries. This is no small issue, especially for users with more than one room to vacuum. No one wants to have to stop cleaning, remove the filter, clean it, and then wait maybe an hour or two for the filter to dry. Yikes!

Next, several reviewers complained about this vacuum’s poor performance on carpeted floors. Virtually everyone wrote that it did a good job on bare and hardwood floors and that the handheld vac was very good, but the upright lacked the power to clean carpets. To be fair, this vacuum is not intended to rival bigger, more powerful uprights. You’re paying $50-$60 here, not $500-$600. Therefore, this complaint needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

Finally, there is one huge problem we discovered in our review that the company has been trying hard to rectify – even going to federal court over it. It seems a company called Tactica (part of Igia) was authorized to sell this Singer vacuum cleaner, and they were taking orders and money, but then not delivering the product. Wow! Many reviewers wrote angry reviews about being ripped off. Singer went to court and got an injunction against Tactica in September of 2005, but it’s unclear if the issue has been fully resolved as of the time of this writing. So, if you do decide to buy one, be careful!

Singer Vacuum Recommendations

Overall, the recommendation here is mixed. The price is very attractive, and you do get a handheld vacuum that most people find satisfactory. But, there are some real drawbacks that should not be overlooked (filter clogging quickly and the merchant rip-offs). Ultimately, it comes down to what uses you have for this machine. If you want a vacuum that will clean your bare floors well and you want a basic handheld vacuum, it’s worth every bit of $50-$60. However, if you really need a machine that can handle serious carpet cleaning, pass on this one and go with a bigger upright or canister.