Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Hoover WindTunnel Bagless Canister Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover WindTunnel offer excellent cleaning performance in an easy to maneuver canister model. Both feature the patented WindTunnel technology which will provide great suction on both hard surfaces and deep pile carpet.

These Hoover WindTunnel models are bagless, feature larger wheels that allow you to move from linoleum to carpet easily and has the speed control right at your fingertips It has a 15 inch cleaning nozzle that is low profile, great for reaching under objects that are too heavy to move.

The S3755 is priced around $199 to $286 from on line retailers and $229 directly from Hoover. The S3765-040 ranges from $229 to $269 from on line retailers and $299 when purchased directly from Hoover. Both models have a full 1 year warranty.

Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Canister Features:

  • Hoover’s patented windTunnel technology
  • Bagless cyclonic technology
  • Low profile 15” nozzle
  • HEPA filteration
  • 25’ auto rewind cord
  • Telescoping chrome wands

WindTunnel Technology:

Powerful suction will pick up dust and dirt and deposit it directly into the dirt container. This design, along with the filter, means that the air coming from the exhaust is clean. You will not have dust scattered and floating around the room every time you vacuum.

Auto Rewind Cord:

Both the WindTunnel models S3755 and S3765040 have a 25 foot auto rewind cord. This is a great feature because winding a 25 foot cord by hand is really a hassle not to mention when it comes unraveled in the closet. This will not happen with these canisters. You just step on a pedal and the cord retracts into the machine, neat and out of site; how easy is that?

Telescoping Chrome Wands:

These canisters have lightweight yet sturdy telescoping wands. The wand allows you to reach ceilings and get cobwebs or reach other heights that you could not get to with a normal vacuum. The wand features a quick connect and disconnect to make using the accessories and wand very quick and easy.

Hoover Windtunnel Bagless Canister Recommendations:

Mrs. Clean recommends both the S3755 and the S3765040 models. The power, design and customer satisfaction are all excellent on this vacuum. The main drawback for some may be the price tag, but if you want a vacuum that does the job with high customer satisfaction, this is a great choice.

One other thing worth mentioning about the price difference is the S3755 is an additional $70 (approximately) because it has a brush roll shut off switch for hardwood floors. Also, double check when purchasing to make sure that your model comes with ample attachments; lower price can mean fewer attachments.


This cleaner has powerful suction when vacuuming or when using the attachments and is ergonomically designed to make vacuuming easy and comfortable. The controls are right there at your fingertips with quick connect accessories.

The HEPA filters are washable and reusable cutting replacement costs. There are no bags to buy and a 25’ auto rewind cord that easily retracts into the machine for out of sight storage.


Not all tools can be stored on board due to lack of space. The brush attachment’s bristles are short and stiff; not optimal for cleaning blinds and the dust bin is rather small and needs to be emptied frequently.

Vacuum will not hold up if dropped or if it falls down the stairs. Before purchasing these models or any vacuum for that matter, check to see if you have an authorized service center in your area and also if filter replacement are available. Hoover in particular, has been sold a few times and this may be an issue.