Shark Navigator Upright Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Euro-Pro Shark Navigator Upright Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

The Euro-Pro Shark Navigator includes models NV 22T, NV22L, NV 22TGR-FS. These model numbers vary according to the year they were produced and what tools come standard with each model.

One of the unique features of the Shark includes what they call “Infinity Technology”. This uses 21 cyclones which not only gives it power, but prevents clogging.

The Shark Navigator is priced from about $92 from on line retailers to $199 from Euro-Pro. If purchasing from Euro-Pro, you will get a 5 year warranty that includes belts and filters. If you purchase elsewhere you will want to verify the warranty.

Shark Navigator Features:

  • Unique dual motor system
  • Bagless with washable filter
  • Brush roll shut off switch
  • Lightweight with Easy glide wheels
  • Powered pet hair tool
  • Lifetime belts and filters

Unique Infinity Technology:

The Shark Navigator is designed with “Infinity Technology”. What this means is that while other vacuums will clog at the filter or bag, the Shark’s suction power will remain stable even when you’re at the last room to vacuum. The reason behind this technology is that Shark uses twenty-one cyclones that never clog or lose suction even when the dirt cup is at full capacity; now that’s impressive.

Lightweight and Maneuverable:

This vacuum only weighs 15 pounds making it easy to take up stairs or move around the house. It also is designed with smooth glide wheels that allow it to turn sharply and effortlessly on both carpet and hard floor surfaces. Maybe that’s why they named it the “Navigator”.

Lifetime Belts and Filters:

I love this feature. No more replacement costs ever, well at least not for 5 years! These parts last the life of the product and are covered under normal use for the 5-year warranty. If your machine lasts for longer, than the belts and filters are all covered until your machine bites the dust.

Shark Navigator Recommendations:

Mrs. Clean recommends the Euro-Pro Shark Navigator Vacuum. It is reasonably priced, comes with one of the best warranties (5 years), has no replacement costs, and provides plenty of lasting suction. It comes with ample tools to reach from ceiling to floors and also included is a powered pet brush for furniture. It also has the ability to turn off the brush bar when vacuuming hardwoods; which is a real plus. This vacuum is easy to use and moves around without much effort. This vacuum performs excellent and you can’t beat its price.


This is a reasonably priced vacuum with a longer warranty than most; a 5 year warranty.

The Navigator has plenty of sustained suction. Owners say that the Shark has more suction than their Dyson or Kirby that they’ve replaced. They used their Dyson or Kirby, then went over with the Navigator and were amazed at how full the dust cup was. Keep in mind that the Navigator is just a fraction of the price of other brands.

The Shark Navigator maneuvers easily, is light weight and quiet. You can vacuum without chasing away pets, waking the baby or disturbing neighbors.

You can turn the brush roll on an off without having to stop the machine, this means less down time and less wear and tear on the motor. The powered pet hair brush easily and efficiently eliminates pet hair on furniture.


Dust container could be larger; it has a 2.4 qt capacity. The hose is a bit stiff and takes time to get used to.

This machine is built well and reliable, but, if you do have an issue it can be hard to get the warranty work done. I would suggest buying from a store that has an excellent return policy. Word has it that Bed, Bath and Beyond will take anything back if you have a) the original receipt and b) the original box. I definitely think it is worth it to save both and be able to return this item to the store versus trying to go through the manufacturer.

There were some complaints about the exhaust in the front of the machine blowing dust bunnies away from the machine on hard surface floors. Some people love the machine so much that they actually made a “muffler” for the machine to blow the exhaust upwards. Most people did not have an issue, so it may be the angle that people are vacuuming at. This does seem to be an issue if you put the vacuum in the upright locked position on a hard surface floor. Not a purchasing deterrent for most, nor is it an issue for most owners.