Eureka Lightforce 300 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Eureka Lightforce 300 Vacuum Cleaner

The Lightforce 300 is an upright style vacuum that uses bagless technology. This model vacuum is a mid- weight vacuum, weighing in at less than 17 pounds.

The vacuum features an easy to empty dirt cup, a turbo nozzle that adjusts to handle many different carpet pile heights.

The Lightforce 300 is priced from about $100, and comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Eureka Lightforce 300 Features:

  • Turbo Nozzle
  • Easy empty dust cup
  • Self-Cleaning Duster
  • Cleaning Accessories

Turbo Nozzle:

The turbo nozzle is a mini nozzle that fits over the end of the vacuum hose. This little gadget allows you to easily clean areas that would otherwise be awkward to vacuum. You’ll find the turbo nozzle perfect for vacuuming stair risers and upholstery.

Easy Empty Dust Cup:

The Lightforce 300 has a dust cup that is designed to be easy to empty and not create a dusty mess when emptying. A simple flick of a lever over a garbage can and the dust cup empties.

Self Cleaning Duster:

Have you ever looked up when vacuuming and noticed an annoying cobweb that you missed while dusting? If this is the case, you’ll appreciate the self cleaning duster that comes with the Lightforce. The duster has a built in spot on the vacuum, pull it out, dust your cobweb, and then place it back in its holder. The suction from the vacuum continually cleans the duster so it is ready to go when you need it.

Additional Accessories:

So you can get your vacuuming chores done as quickly and efficiently as possible the Lightforce 300 comes with a few additional accessories. To reach those hard to reach areas, you can either use the crevice tool or the wand, or both if need be. You also find the combo brush an effective tool for dusting flat surfaces.

Eureka Lightforce 300 Recommendations:

Unfortunately the Lightforce does not have a brush roll that can be shut off. It’s a big deal to me, which is why I’m not going to recommend this model. This means the vacuum is not safe for use on all flooring types. It is best suited for carpeted areas only. If you have floors in your home that are a combination of wood and carpet, this might not be the best choice of a vacuum cleaner for you.


The vacuum nozzle adjusts to different carpeting heights. You’ll be able to effectively vacuum and clean the different styles or types of carpeting found in your home.

The vacuum comes with a 15 inch wide nozzle. This is a nice wide nozzle that allows you to complete your vacuuming fast, because it covers a large area in one swoop.

Dust is captured by the self-cleaning duster, and then vacuumed away.


A 25 foot long cord just isn’t long enough. In a larger home, you’ll constantly have to stop vacuuming and reposition where you plug the vacuum in.

There are no active edge cleaners on this model. This means you’ll have to clean the edges of your carpet with the wand or hose. This can be a back breaker, and can be time consuming.