Simplicity Jack Snap Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Simplicity Jack and Snap Vacuums

Available only through authorized retailers, Jack and Snap are 2 compact canister vacuums manufactured by the Simplicity Company. Simplicity has built its reputation on building vacuums without extra gadgets that can break. They simply build a great vacuum and then back it with an exceptional warranty.

Both the Jack and the Snap models are backed by a 2 year warranty. Jack has a MSRP of $309.95, and Snap’s MSRP is $549.95.

Simplicity’s Jack and Snap Features:

  • Filtration System
  • On Board Tools and Accessories
  • Color

Filtration System:

Both models come with a HEPA filter, and HEPA bags. There is no better way to rid your home of pesky dust and allergens than with HEPA filtration to catch those small particles.

On Board Tools and Accessories:

Jack and Snap come with a variety of tools to make your cleaning easier. Both models are equipped with an upholstery brush, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush. Snap’s dusting brush has natural bristles for gentler care on your furniture.

In the accessory department, both models have a deluxe dusting brush, a combination hard floor brush/area rug brush, and a deluxe 12” hardwood floor brush.

Jack and Snap Characteristics:

Jack and Snap both have full bag indicators; Snap’s indicator is located on the canister. They also have 18.5 foot long cords, with automatic rewind, which is a nice time saving device. Press the button, and viola, your cord is put away in a flash. To reach hard to get places, the Jack comes with an aluminum telescopic wand; Snap comes with a compact power nozzle.


Both models are brightly colored. Jack is an electric green color, and Snap is a color that Simplicity has called grape soda. These colors stand out, making the small vacuum stand out even if it is stored in a closet or under a bed.

Simplicity’s Jack and Snap Recommendations:

There aren’t very many minus points with the Jack or the Snap. The vacuums are expensive, but they are well built by an American company. Both vacuums use bags, so there is the expense of continually buying vacuum bags. The filters are not washable, so they will need to be replaced occasionally as well, adding to ongoing maintenance costs.

On the positive side, there doesn’t seem to be any negative information available on the internet. Customers appear to be satisfied and loyal. The Jack and Snap model vacuums have good suction, and are powered by 10 and 11 amp motors, which is a good sized motor for a compact vacuum.

Like other models Simplicity manufactures, the Jack and Snap are easy to operate, and the attachments attach easily.

Bags, filters etc are easily bought on line or from a Simplicity retailer in your area.

The Jack and the Snap are manufactured primarily for hard surface floors, if your home has carpeting as well, you’ll probably need another type of vacuum for the carpeted areas.