Simplicity MidSize Canister Review

Review of Simplicity Mid-Size Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Simplicity manufactures 4 models of canister vacuums in the midsize range, the Verve, Cinch, Jessie, and S24. These models have design features for homes with bare floors only or a combination of bare floors, with area rugs, or bare floors with carpet.

All midsize canisters models come with HEPA filtration.

Pricing ranges from $589.95 to $1029.95 depending on the model selected. The S24 has a 2 year parts and labor warranty, and a 5 year warranty on the motor. The other 3 models come with a 2 year parts and labor warranty, and a 7 year warranty on the motors.

Simplicity Verve, Cinch, Jessie, and S24 Features:

Filtration System:

All of Simplicity’s mid size canister vacuums have S-class HEPA filtration. S-class HEPA filtration means 99.97 percent of particles larger than 3 microns must be removed.

Except for the S-24, the vacuums are also sealed, meaning the particles/allergens can’t be released back into the air, they are completely removed.

With increased cost of the vacuum, the filtration system gets better. The Verve also has a 6 stage filtration system, to remove the maximum amount of particles/allergens etc from the air and surfaces.


Like all other vacuum models Simplicity makes, the mid-sized canister vacuums are built by an American company, and built to last. They are all backed by 2 year comprehensive warranties, and the Verve and the S-24 models are also constructed of metal parts.

Both of these models have a steel brushroll, a steel bottom plate, and a serpentine belt with a lifetime warranty.

Onboard Tools and Accessories:

All of the midsized canister vacuums come with the following on board tools: a crevice tool, upholstery brush, and a dusting brush. On board tools are great conveniences to the user.

It means you have a designated storage spot for your tools, so they never get lost, and they are readily accessible when you want to use them.

Accessories included with the vacuums are a 12 inch hardwood floor brush, a combo area rug/hardwood floor brush, and a deluxe dusting brush.

The Jesse, Cinch and Verve models come with a 25 foot cord with automatic rewind, (you’ll miss out on your rotational arm exercise; instead, just press the button and your cord disappears!) The S24 also has automatic rewind, but the cord is a little shorter, it is only an 18 foot cord on this model.

All models conveniently have a full bag indicator on the canister.

The Verve and S24 also have a 6 position height adjustment, so you can effectively vacuum many different heights of carpet pile.

And just so your vacuuming experience doesn’t completely “suck”, Simplicity has chosen to manufacture the mid size canister vacuums in a four colorful, fun colors. I like the idea of using a vacuum that is bright and bursting with color to vacuum with, as opposed to using one that is a dull dreary color.

Simplicity Verve, Cinch, Jessie, and S24 Recommendations:

Simplicity has a loyal following of customers, and the vacuums are well built by an American company, and backed by long warranty periods.

The model vacuums in this series are expensive and are available only from dealers, and replacement parts are available online or from a dealer.