Simplicity Synergy Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Simplicity Synergy

The Synergy is an upright, bagged vacuum manufactured by Simplicity. The Synergy features sealed HEPA filtration and Simplicity’s “Tandem Air System”. For increased durability, the Synergy features metal construction.

The premium model also features a Heads- up Dirt Sensor so you know by looking at the light if your carpet is clean. No need to continually vacuum back and forth and guess if your carpet is clean, the dirt sensor lets you know when the area is really as clean as it can get.

Available only from authorized Simplicity retailers, the standard version of the Synergy is priced at $1139.95; the premium version of the Synergy is priced from $1529.95. Both versions come with a 6 year parts and labor warranty.

Simplicity Synergy Features:

  • Power
  • Filtration system
  • Durable construction
  • Convenience features


The Synergy vacuum has 2 motors and 2 fans. Simplicity calls this system “Tandem Air”. The double motors create both suction and airflow. This two motor system increases the filtration capability, and boosts the cleaning power.

The vacuum also features a beater bar that can be turned off. The toggle switch control for the beater bar is conveniently located near your thumb. Turn off the beater bar, and you have a vacuum that is safe to use on hard surface floors.

Filtration System:

The Synergy series of vacuums features a 3 stage filtration system. It has a 3 layer granulated charcoal filter, a 3 later electrostatic bar, and a HEPA filter. Simplicity claims the filtration system is so effective that each molecule of air is filtered 7 times.

Durable Construction:

The Synergy is manufactured to last using mostly metal, and very little plastic parts. The bottom plate is stainless steel; the brush roll has 3 rows of replaceable brush strips, and is constructed of extruded aluminum.

The handle tube is brushed aluminum. And the vacuum belt has a lifetime warranty, and is constructed from Kevlar. The wheels of the vacuum are made of rubber so the vacuum is safe even on wood floors.

Convenience Features:

The Synergy has a number of features built with convenience in mind. First, it has a long cord length. When using a vacuum, more is definitely better! A nice long electric cord is a wonderful feature that many manufacturers’ overlook. The Synergy has a 35 foot long cord, which means you spend more time actually vacuuming, than spending time looking for additional electric outlets!

The vacuum has a fingertip control toggle switch to conveniently switch between vacuuming carpet and hard surface floors. Bump the toggle switch and the beater bar shuts off enabling you to vacuum hard flooring.

Simplicity has added a full bag light. No need to partially disassemble the vacuum to see if the bag needs to be emptied, just check for the light. This model also has a replace filter light. After approximately 25 hours of use, the filters should be replaced.

The Synergy also has a number of on board tools mounted conveniently on the back of the vacuum. The standard version of the vacuum includes a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery brush. The premium version has these tools, plus a telescoping wand (no need to fit wand parts together, they telescope for easy storage and extension!), a long stretch hose, and a premium dusting brush.

The vacuum also has an easy carry handle for transporting up and down stairs, and has twin LED headlamps to illuminate the area you are vacuuming.

5 position height adjustment means you can vacuum virtually any pile carpet.

Simplicity Synergy Recommendations:

People who used this vacuum highly recommended it. One reviewer said it outperformed any other upright that he had used. The vacuum was easy to use, and he loved the telescoping wand on this model. He loved the durable construction, and the filtration system. He found it very effective in removing dirt and allergens from his home.

Reviewers also liked the fact that the brush strips are replaceable. This is a great way to keep your vacuum functioning like new. One negative comment was the vacuum is heavy. The down side of being manufactured out of metal instead of plastic means it’s a heavier product; and carrying it up or down stairs is going to require more strength.