Simplicity Synchrony Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Simplicity Synchrony

The Synchrony is an upright, bagged vacuum manufactured by Simplicity. The Synchrony comes in three models; the standard, the deluxe, and the premium. All models feature Simplicity’s patented “Tandem Air System”.

The MSRP of the standard version is $769.95, the deluxe version is $859.95, and the premium version is $969.96.

All versions of the Synchrony come with manufacturers’ 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Simplicity Synchrony Features:

  • Tandem Air System
  • Durability
  • Filtration
  • Convenience Features

Tandem Air System:

The Tandem Air System means you have 2 motors powering the vacuum. The direct air motor maximizes suction near the floor, and the clean air motor is placed to maximize suction for any onboard attachments. These 2 motors work in harmony with each other.


Manufactured to last, by an American company, the Synchrony features metal construction. The bottom plate is steel, and the brush roll is steel with 2 rows of replaceable brushstrips. The handle tube is brushed aluminum. The vacuum belt has a lifetime warranty.


The filtration system is slightly different depending on which model of Synchrony you have. The filtration system gets better with the increased cost of the vacuum. The Standard model has a 5 layer filtration system, and electrostatic filter, and a HEPA vacuum bag.

The deluxe model has a 7 layer filtration system, electrostatic and charcoal filters, and a HEPA vacuum bag. The premium model features a 7 layer filtration system, HEPA and charcoal filters, and a HEPA bag. If you have allergy sufferers or people with respiratory ailments, you may want to select the vacuum with the best filtration system available.

Convenience Features:

Once again, as the price increases, so does the features that are designed for convenience. The premium model has more conveniences than does the standard model.

The Standard model features a 32 foot long cord, and a full bag light. It also has a surface selector switch to choose between carpet areas and floors. The switch controls the beater bar, flip the switch, and the beater bar shuts off. This vacuum also has a 4 position height adjustment so it is suitable for many different pile heights.

The Deluxe model also has a 32 foot long power cord, and a full bag light. It also has a surface selector switch to choose between hard flooring surfaces and carpeted areas. It also comes with the 4 position carpet height setting. The added attraction to this model is; the addition of a variety of onboard tools, including a crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, stretch hose, and telescopic wand.

The Premium model has the same features as the Deluxe except the power cord is a few feet longer. This model has a 35 foot cord. It also has an additional carpet height setting; it comes with a 5 position setting instead of the 4. Also, it has upgraded on board attachments. The dusting brush is made of natural bristles for a more gentle dusting experience.

Simplicity Synchrony Recommendations:

Reviews on the Synchrony were very positive. Customers particularly liked the models with sealed HEPA filtration because as well as vacuuming, the air in the home was also filtered, creating a more healthy environment for allergy sufferers. The vacuum itself was described by one reviewer as being extraordinary.

Another reviewer said it was the best vacuum she ever purchased. She was impressed with the quality of the vacuum, even the hook for the cord was made of metal instead of plastic.

The only negative comment about the vacuum was its weight. It is rather heavy, but it does have a built in handle to aid in lifting it.