Simplicity Jill Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Simplicity Jill Canister Vacuum

The Jill, manufactured by Simplicity, is a sub-compact canister vacuum. This is a small vacuum perfect for use in small homes, recreational vehicles, dorms, and other areas where storage may be an issue.

Available only from authorized retailers, the Jill as a MSRP of $189.95, and comes with a 2 year residential warranty. (If used for commercial purposes, the Jill has a 90 day warranty.)

Simplicity Jill Features:

  • Filtration
  • Color
  • Onboard tools and accessories


The Jill uses a HEPA filter, and HEPA filter bags to help your indoor environment. HEPA filtration helps remove allergens and other small particles from the surfaces and air.


Even if you live in tight quarters and have to stuff your closet space full, it is unlikely you’ll have trouble finding this vacuum. The manufacturer has cleverly made this vacuum a color they call watermelon….I’d call it hot pink! This is a vacuum that is small in size, but is manufactured in an eye-popping color making it easy to see.

Onboard Tools and Accessories:

The Jill comes with a number of onboard tools and accessories to make your cleaning experience as pleasant and easy as possible. In the onboard tool department, Jill has a crevice tool, an upholstery brush, and a dusting brush. The other available accessory is a hardwood floor brush. The Jill is primarily designed for use on hard surface flooring.

Other Useful Characteristics:

This small in size only sub compact vacuum is equipped with a 9 amp motor providing powerful suction. It has the convenience of a full bag indicator, which is a nice feature. Who wants to partially disassemble a vacuum to check if the bag is full or not? Another nice feature on the Jill is the 18.5 foot cord.

This isn’t a particularly long cord, but the Jill is designed for small spaces. The fact that Jill has an automatic rewind on the cord probably makes up for any time that might be spent looking for additional electric outlets. Jill also comes with an aluminum telescopic wand, so your above ground cleaning just got easier.

Simplicity Jill Recommendations:

If you live in a small space and are looking for a small vacuum that still has power, the Simplicity Jill is probably a good choice. One of the main reasons for choosing a canister vacuum is the fact that you are pulling the motor, which is typically the heaviest part of any vacuum.

Simplicity is an American company that has been established in business for approximately 50 years, and all of their products are backed by longer than customary warranties.