Simplicity 7 Series Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Simplicity 7 Series Vacuum

The 7 Series is an upright, bagged vacuum made by Simplicity. Simplicity features metal components where needed most, instead of plastic, to produce a quality built product that is meant to last.

The 7 Series is backed by Simplicity for 5 years. The warranty includes parts and labor. The MSRP of the 7 Series is $699.95.

Simplicity 7 Series Features:

  • Durability
  • Filtration System
  • Convenience Features


Powered by a 12 amp twin fan motor, the 7 Series is a vacuum built to last. It has a metal bottom plate, and a steel brushroll, that has 2 rows of replaceable brush strips. The handle tube is also constructed of metal. Simplicity uses metal where it is needed most, instead of using plastic parts like other manufacturers do. Plastic wears out faster than metal.

Filtration System:

Simplicity claims the filter system is so advanced on the 7 Series, that it purifies the air in the home. Simplicity calls this “Allergen Suppression Technology”. The 7 series has a 5 step filtration process. The first step is the micro static liner which removes 99% of dirt particles. The next step is the twin-ply electrostatic filter bag. Then there is an activated charcoal filter. Step 4 is an exhaust filter, and step 5 is a post filter that uses the same filter medium found in respirators, incubators, and gas masks.

Convenience Features:

The 7 series has a number of features built in to make this a convenient vacuum to use. It comes with on board tools, which is always a bonus, because then your vacuum can clean more than just the floors. The 7 Series comes with the standard crevice tool, upholstery tool and a dusting brush. It also has a fairly long power cord. The power cord measures 33 feet which means you spend more time vacuuming, and less time looking for power outlets. The vacuum also has a full bag light on the body of the appliance. Flip the switch on the nozzle, and you can switch between vacuuming carpets and vacuuming hard flooring surfaces.

Simplicity 7 Series Recommendations:

Consumers who used this product and wrote reviews liked this vacuum!


The vacuum is easy to use, and maneuvers easily. It folds down low to get under beds and other low lying furniture. Reviewers liked the 33 foot long cord because you can vacuum an entire room without having to change outlets.

The onboard attachments are easy to connect, and reviewers noticed the pile of their carpet stood up higher after vacuuming.

Reviewers also said that they noticed vacuum bags filled up quickly at first, and then tapered off as the carpets got cleaner with continual vacuuming.

The vacuum is relatively quiet when running. One reviewer wrote that you could actually talk (and be heard) while the vacuum was in operation.


The on board hose is short, and can cause the vacuum to tip over if over stretched possibly hitting the operator.

The vacuum is heavy, possibly due to the metal construction.