Sharp Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Sharp Vacuum Cleaners

Sharp is a company many people associate with home electronics. There are widely known for making affordable stereo and home theatre equipment.

But you can also buy a Sharp vacuum cleaner for both home and commercial uses. They make a variety of standard upright, bagless upright, and canister models.

Of the bagless uprights Sharp makes in their popular EC series, there are five models: S2365, S2370, S5380, TU2007, TU5007. For home use, the EC S2370 gets the consistently highest ratings by owners.

There are a number of reasons for this; but first, let’s go over this model’s general specifications:

Sharp Vacuum Cleaner Features

  • Agitator (Cleaning) Width: 12 inches
  • Filter System: HEPA filtration
  • Surfaces: Carpets and bare floors
  • Motor Amps/Watts: 12 Amps/1300 Watts
  • Cord Length: 24 feet
  • Headlamp: Yes
  • Height Adjustment: Yes
  • Weight: ~15 lbs.
  • Quiet: Yes


There is much to recommend this particular Sharp vacuum cleaner. Notice that the motor is quite powerful at 12 Amps. The single biggest complaint users have about the vacuum cleaners they own is the inability to suck up all the visible dirt and debris. It makes perfect sense, since vacuuming isn’t a chore very many people enjoy. A stronger motor means fewer passes and less time to clean each room.


The next feature of the Sharp EC-S2370 that bears some elaboration is the weight. At just 15 lbs., this vacuum is one of the lightest in its class. This is always an important consideration, especially for those with multiple-story homes or homes with basements. No one likes hauling heavy things up flights of stairs! When you combine a powerful cleaning motor with a lightweight machine, you’ve got a winner.


Another excellent feature of this vacuum cleaner is its ability to clean both carpeted and bare floors. Many homeowners have rooms with carpeting and rooms with bare floors. Nobody wants to have to buy two machines to clean them, when one can do it all.

On a related note, height adjustment is an important feature of this Sharp vacuum cleaner. Anyone who has ever tried vacuuming a bare floor with a carpet-only vacuum cleaner without height adjustment knows how frustrating it can be! The EC-S2370 allows for very close brushing of bare floors. Again, the powerful motor comes into play here as well. Combining height adjustment and strong suction is the key to fast, thorough bare floor cleaning.

Noise Level

This Sharp vacuum cleaner is also very quiet. It incorporates Sharp’s proprietary Library Quiet™ technology, which reduces motor noise as much as 15% versus other major brands. This may or may not be something that matters to you, but if you can do the job without so much noise, why wouldn’t you?

Sharp Vacuum Cleaner EC-S2370 Price

The final positive aspect of the Sharp EC-S2370 vacuum cleaner is its modest price. At $85-$115, it’s a terrific value, especially when you factor in advanced features like HEPA filtration, the powerful motor, and the versatility to clean carpets and bare floors. Comparable models by other top manufacturers can cost two and even three times as much.

Sharp Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations

“I first vacuumed with the Windtunnel [Hoover] and went back over the floors with the Sharp. You would not believe all the crud the Hoover left behind and the Sharp got! I had to dump the canister 2 times there was so much dirt and dog hair left by the Hoover! I live in a 3-story house with lots of hardwood and marble floors and wool carpet. This vacuum does them all.” -Mimi 9/15/2003 [Source:]

If there’s one knock against all Sharp vacuum cleaners, it’s a higher-than-average reporting of repairs and serious problems. Consumer Reports conducts annual reviews of owners of vacuum cleaners to gauge their satisfaction levels across a broad spectrum of questions. The brands they ask about include: Kirby, Eureka, Bissell, Dirt Devil, Panasonic, Oreck, Hoover, Kenmore, Riccar, Simplicity, and Sharp. When it comes to upright vacuum cleaners (standard and bagless models), *Sharp ranks next-to-last on questions about number and severity of repairs and serious problems.

*It’s important to note that specific models may be outstanding performers, but the rankings are computed based on a review of each brand’s overall performance.

Another (minor) complaint about the Sharp EC-S2370 vacuum cleaner is its relatively short cleaning width. At 12 inches, it’s on the small side, when some competitors can boast 15- and even 18-inch cleaning widths in their uprights. This tends to be more of an issue with commercial vacuum cleaners, where time is money and quicker cleaning is crucial. However, it is nonetheless one small reason for dissatisfaction for some users.

Overall, the Sharp EC-S2370 is an excellent choice. It’s very versatile, very powerful, lightweight, and affordably priced. If you can overlook the brand’s relatively poor track record on reviewed repairs, this may be an ideal choice, especially if you have a home with both carpeting and bare floors.