Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review Of Sebo Vacuum Cleaners

Made in Germany since 1978, Sebo vacuums have carved out a top spot in the highly competitive commercial vacuum cleaner market over the past three decades. There’s really only one way to do such a thing – offer superior products at competitive prices. Sebo vacuum cleaners are not well known outside of the professional cleaning industry, but they should be.

So, how did they do it?

By getting the little details right. Vacuum cleaners are all pretty much the same in terms of what they’re designed to do. What separates the best cleaners from average ones are all the little things that add up to make a cleaner either easy to operate and highly effective at removing dust and debris, or hard to use and less efficient at cleaning.

This applies whether you use a vacuum cleaner for hours every day as a cleaning professional, or a couple of times a week in your home.

When it comes to the commercial side of the business, the Sebo line of vacuums is so popular and respected that the White House staff uses them, as does the staff of Buckingham Palace in England and some of the best 5-star hotels in the world.

Clearly, Sebo knows what it’s doing when it comes to vacuum cleaners!

When Sebo decided to branch out into the home user market, it faced stiff competition from established brands with decades’ worth of household name recognition (Hoover, Eureka, Bissell, Oreck, etc.). They ultimately had to choose between two alternatives to crack the home user market – spend heavily on advertising for years to build brand recognition, or make a better product than the competitors and let word-of-mouth do the advertising. If you haven’t ever heard of a Sebo vacuum cleaner, then you’re in the majority and you know which direction the company chose. In the coming years, chances are you’ll hear about one particular Sebo vacuum cleaner designed for home use – the upright Sebo Felix.

All of their experience creating high quality commercial vacuum cleaners has gone into the Sebo Felix. Everywhere you look on this machine, little details jump out at you that tell you how easy it is to use. Among the most impressive and user-friendly features are the following:

Sebo Vacuum Features and Specifications

  • 32-foot long electrical cord: no more hunting for other outlets in the same room
  • Cable hook placed higher on the machine: just turn the hook and the cord is available (no more wasted time unwinding the cord)
  • Variable sliding power control: located where your thumb rests naturally, you can apply more or less power as needed on a sliding scale
  • Low profile: when laid out flat, the Sebo Felix is less than six inches tall, giving it access to places other vacuums cannot go
  • Ergonomic telescopic handle: the handle can be extended or retracted to better fit people who are short, medium-height, and tall – no more sore back muscles
  • Swivel neck: you can twist the handle and still keep the cleaning head flat on the floor, making it far easier and much more comfortable to reach tight confines
  • Balanced carrying handle: maneuver the Felix easily while holding it up and cleaning with the hose handle
  • Rubber slide stopper: soft rubber end allows you to rest the handle against walls, furniture, and doors without scraping the surface
  • Integrated hose handle: it’s always ready – no more stopping to attach it when you need to clean a hard-to-reach surface
  • Super-easy brush roller cleaning/changing: remove an end cap and the brush roller slides right out into your hands for easy cleaning or changing – no more hunting for the tool box
  • Automatic positioning of filter bags: it is impossible to put in a new filter bag incorrectly

As you can see, Sebo’s engineers paid close attention to making the end user’s experience intuitive, ergonomic, and as easy as possible. They listened to common complaints from home users during reviews and applied their skills to create a Sebo vacuum cleaner that removes virtually all of these common obstacles.

Excellent Filtration System

Beyond the importance of making the physical structure of the Sebo Felix more user-friendly than its competitors, Sebo understood that they must also create a vacuum with power and a top-notch filtration system. The result is a machine that provides hospital-grade air filtration. This means that the Felix’s 3-step filtration system produces 99.9% efficiency (removal of particles from the air) up to 0.3 microns. This is truly superior air filtration, comparable to any vacuum cleaner on the planet at any price.

The Sebo Felix achieves this level of filtration by, again, paying close attention to the smallest details and not relying on traditional vacuum designs. Here’s how the filtering works:


  • Layer 1:
  • The Felix’s full-size, three-layer filter bag collects most of the debris that gets sucked up. It fills from the top down, which allows the debris to settle to the bottom quickly. Most vacuums have bags that fill from the bottom up, allowing the contents to swirl around, where more of it can escape back into the air. Filling from the top down also puts less stress on the vacuum motor, which produces more consistent power and lower maintenance costs
  • Layer 2:
  • The Felix is equipped with a motor protection filter, located beneath the filter bag. This filter traps larger particles that escape the filter bag through the opening.
  • Layer 3:
  • An electrostatic exhaust filter collects any fine particles of dust or other debris in the exhaust that the Felix emits.

You might expect to pay a high price for all of this unique technology and usability. Surprisingly, that’s not really the case. A Sebo Felix vacuum cleaner runs $500 – $575 (new), which is definitely higher than many other upright vacuums, but nowhere near the top end prices for models by elite manufacturers like Riccar, Kirby, and Aerus.