Royal M1058Z Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Royal Commercial Vacuum

The Royal M1058Z is one of a series of vacuums that Royal manufactures for commercial use. It is an upright vacuum, and features an 8 amp motor, and a conveniently long 50 foot power cord. This vacuum uses a large capacity disposable bag, and there are no filters to change.

Priced from $659.95 the M1058Z is backed by a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty and a lifetime warranty on the nozzle, motor housing, and fan case. The vacuum weighs in at approximately 16 pounds.

Royal M1058Z Upright Vacuum Cleaner Features:

  • Wide cleaning path
  • Metal fan blades
  • Commercial construction details
  • 5 position height

Wide Cleaning Path:

The M1058Z is built to make commercial cleaning as easy and as efficient as possible. This model vacuum has a wide 18 inch nozzle. That’s a foot and half covered in every sweep of the vacuum. You’ll save time and money when you use this vacuum as your vacuuming time will be severely reduced than if you used a standard vacuum.

Metal Fan Blades:

Royal has built the M1058Z with metal fan blades that have a unique curved shape. The shape of the blade deflects objects away from the fan and motor, reducing damage that may occur from these objects.

Commercial Construction Details:

The M1058Z has many details considered during the manufacturing process to make this a great vacuum choice for commercial applications. It’s fairly lightweight, (weighs 16 pounds), so it is easy to transport up and down stairs. It is constructed out of metal components. (The only non-metal part of this vacuum appears to be the wheels, and the vacuum bag.)

The wheels are commercial quality urethane, which makes the vacuum more easily maneuverable. One of the best features of this vacuum in my opinion is the 50 foot kink-less, vinyl power cord. If you’ve ever wasted time looking for electric outlets, or struggled with a cord that needs to be straightened out before you can put the vacuum to work, you’ll agree this is a great feature.

Five Position Height Adjustments:

The M1058Z has adjustment for any carpet pile. Just a click of your toe adjusts the vacuum to the pile height.

Royal M1058Z Upright Vacuum Cleaner Recommendations:

If you are looking for a good quality vacuum that does what it’s supposed to do, this vacuum may be for you. It doesn’t have any extra parts that can break off, and there is an optional accessory kit available for separate purchase. Depending on your commercial cleaning needs you may or may not need the accessories. Royal has been in business making vacuums since 1905, so it would appear just based on the longevity of the company, they must be doing something right. With a lifetime warranty on the fan case, motor housing, and nozzle, they’ve built this vacuum to last. The 18 inch nozzle and 50 foot cord are labor saving features that you might not find in other vacuum cleaners.

The only negative comment about this vacuum is the price. It is an expensive investment, but it has features other manufacturers don’t provide on their vacuums, and it is backed by a good warranty.