Royal M1030Z Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Royal Commercial Vacuum

The Royal M1030Z is an upright vacuum designed for commercial use. Royal builds its commercial vacuums with 50 foot cords, and high amperage motors. The M1030Z also features all metal construction. For a vacuum made with metal components, this is still a vacuum with a reasonable weight. At 17 pounds, its light enough and won’t completely wear you out while vacuuming.

The M1030Z is available from internet retailers from about $345.99, and comes with a 2 year warranty. It has a lifetime warranty on the fan case, motor housing, and nozzle.

Royal M1030Z Bagged Upright Features:

  • Multiple Height settings
  • Heavy duty cord
  • Durable construction
  • HEPA filtration

Multiple Height settings:

Suitable for use on many different types of carpeting, the M1030Z has a 5 position height adjustment.

Heavy Duty Cord:

This vacuum is built with your safety in mind. It has a 3 wire power cord to prevent accidental shock. It also has a long 50 foot cord, which is a nice feature because it cuts down on time spent looking for an available outlet in a possible unfamiliar building if you are using this vacuum for commercial purposes.

Durable Construction:

Designed for tough commercial cleaning projects, the M1030Z features metal construction of the main components. The metal fan blades have a unique curved construction designed to deflect large objects, therefore reducing the risk to the motor or fan. The M1030Z has a double row ball bearing brush with stiffener for deep down carpet cleaning. This model vacuum also features a 14 inch wide nozzle so that more area is covered with each pass of the vacuum.

HEPA Filtration:

HEPA filtration means particles as small as 1 micron are trapped as you vacuum. This makes for a healthy environment as 99.9 percent of dust, pollens, and other allergens are trapped.

Royal M1030Z Bagged Upright Recommendations:

Reviewers only had a couple of negative comments about the M1030Z. One comment was the price – the vacuum is expensive and is an investment, but it does seem built to last. The other negative comment was that the accessory attachments, (hose, hose connector adapter, upper and lower wands, floor and wall brush, and upholstery brush) don’t come with the vacuum, they have to be purchased separately. So in order to get the most out of your investment, you have to buy additional parts. One other negative, it is a one speed motor, with an aggressive brush roll, so the vacuum is probably safe for carpeted areas only, you certainly couldn’t use it on floors that scratch or are easily damaged.

The positive comments included positive comments on the strength of the suction, and the durability of the vacuum. Many reviewers were impressed that this is a relatively simple machine, with no extra parts to break. They liked the fact that the belts and bags are inexpensive, and there isn’t a filter that needs changing. The bag has a large capacity and does not need to changed all that frequently. Users also like the fact that the M1030Z is designed to resist clogging! They also liked the fact that with one click of the toe, you can adjust the vacuum to any carpet pile height.