Royal M1028Z Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Royal M1028Z Commercial Vacuum

The Royal M1028Z is an upright style vacuum manufactured for commercial use. It has a wide 14 inch path, to clean more area in less time. This vacuum also uses disposable paper bags, and has HEPA filtration.

This model vacuum comes with a 50 foot long cord, and the vacuum weighs twenty pounds.

The M1028Z comes with a 2 year warranty and is priced at $599.95. The nozzle, fan case, and motor housing have a lifetime warranty.

Royal M1028Z Commercial Vacuum Features:

  • HEPA Filtration
  • Durable Construction
  • Attachment Kit
  • Height Adjustment

HEPA Filtration:

99.9 percent of dust and pollens are trapped with the high filtration outer cloth bag system, coupled with the HEPA type disposable paper bag. Pollens and dust particles as small as 1 micron are trapped by this filtration system.

Durable Construction:

This model vacuum is built to last, and built for tough commercial uses. It features all metal construction, a powerful 10 amp motor, and a double row ball bearing brush with stiffener for superior cleaning power. It also has urethane wheels for easy maneuverability. The M1028Z has an all metal fan, if you encounter paper clips or the like with this vacuum, you probably won’t damage it if you run this items over.

Attachment Kit:

The M1028Z also has available an optional attachment kit. This kit includes a hose, a hose connector adapter, round dusting brush, an upholstery tool, a crevice tool, a floor and wall brush, and upper and lower wands. These attachments make your commercial cleaning much more efficient.

Height Adjustment:

You have the ability to adjust the height setting of the vacuum for any type of carpet by using the infinite screw adjustment.

Royal M1028Z Commercial Vacuum Recommendations:

Here’s a nice feature, you can use the vacuum to blow dust also. To blow dust away from furniture or objects, detach the outer cloth bag from the exhaust outlet. Then attach the metal end of the hose in its place. Then attach the crevice tool so you have more control over where you are blowing dust. If you place a damp towel behind the area which you are blowing, it will capture most of the dust.

For being an all metal construction vacuum, this is a medium weight vacuum, not so heavy that it wears a person out to vacuum, and not so heavy to be to awkward to carry up and down stairs. It has additional attachment to use on hard surface floors.

The one negative thing about the vacuum is the fact that you have to actually put on the attachment in order to vacuum your hard surface floors. This can be a little time consuming, especially if you are in areas that have multiple types of flooring. It could be potentially annoying if you have to shut the vacuum off, disconnect the attachment, vacuum, shut the vacuum off, and reattach the flooring attachment.