Royal RY9700 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Royal Eminence

The Eminence series of vacuums are designed to be easy to push, and easy to maneuver. They take very little push power, and walk across the carpet similar to a self propelled machine. The Eminence series also comes with several advanced features such as metal handles, brush rolls, and base plates, plus HEPA filtration and on board tools. These vacuums are designed for residential use.

This vacuum is equipped with a powerful headlight. This aids in seeing the debris on the floor you are trying to remove.

The RY9700 weighs about 20 pounds. This modeled is priced from about $499, and is backed by a 3 year warranty.

Royal Eminence RY9700 Features:

  • 15 in wide nozzle
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • On board tools
  • Full bag indicator
  • Durable components

15 inch Nozzle:

A 15 inch nozzle is a nice wide nozzle that makes short work of your vacuuming. More area is covered per sweep, than with other makes/models of residential vacuum cleaners. This model vacuum also has a nice long 35 foot cord. This means you can more than likely vacuum more than one room, without having to stop, unplug and find a new electric outlet.

Automatic Height Adjustment:

The RY9700 automatically adjusts to height. This provides a more comfortable vacuuming experience.

On Board Tools:

Having on board tools is a big convenience. This means you can get more cleaning done with just one piece of equipment, instead of perhaps needed multiple, different pieces of equipment. Use the -ready to use- stretch hose to edge clean around baseboards, and get cobwebs out of your corners. For your cleaning convenience, the vacuum is also equipped with a crevice tool, upholstery tool, and a dusting brush.

Full Bag Indicator:

Here’s another great feature in a vacuum – a full bag indicator. No need to partially disassemble your vacuum to see if the bag needs changing, just check the indicator.

Durable Components:

The RY9700 is manufactured to be a product that lasts. It is built out of metal components included the metal handle, nozzle guard, and brush roll. It is also equipped with non-marring wheels, and an ergonomic looped handle grip for your comfort while vacuuming.

Royal Eminence RY9700 Recommendations:

The pros on this vacuum are, it is easy to use, it’s efficient, and has powerful suction. It’s well built, with metal components, but isn’t particularly heavy. It’s still lightweight enough that it is relatively easy to carry up and down stairs. It also has HEPA filtration, which makes your home more comfortable by removing pollens, dust, and other allergens. The only negative comments from users were that the hose was rather short. They suggested purchasing a longer attachment hose in order to make vacuuming stairs or furniture less awkward.

Available for separate purchase is an attachment kit. The kit includes a 13 foot hose, an extension wand, and a 10 inch floor brush. From reviewer’s comments, it sounds like the accessory kit would be a worthwhile investment.