Riccar Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Riccar Vacuum Cleaners

Riccar vacuum cleaners are made by a California company that has been in business for over 50 years. Oddly enough, they make both sewing machines and vacuum cleaners. Both are of exceptional quality. Riccar makes vacuum cleaners for both home and commercial use. If you have a lot of carpet at home, you might consider a commercial model, although the top models of each category are very similar. Riccar’s motto is, “the first name in vacuums that last,” and from tests and customer reviews, it seems they can live up to this claim.

RSL3 & RSL4: The Amazing Little Riccar Vacuum Cleaner

The best vacuum cleaners Riccar makes are not their top-of-the-line models. Their smallest vacuums have been life savers for so many people. It’s their line of “Supralite” models that all weigh 8 pounds each.

With the baby boomer generation getting older, a lot of families are going through problems with independence. Our parents want to remain independent as long as possible, and that means taking care of their homes and doing daily chores they’ve always been able to do.

You wouldn’t think that being able to vacuum your own floor is such a fundamental freedom, but when you’re feeling your strength and abilities fading, something so simple can really help you feel more capable. At 8 pounds and simple to push and operate, the Riccar Supralite RSL3 and RSL4models are perfect for elderly people, people with limited mobility, and even people in wheelchairs.

If you have children, these models are also light enough for them to participate in the chore of vacuuming earlier. These lightweight Riccar vacuum cleaners are also great for people who have two-story houses. You don’t have to buy two vacuums because this one is a cinch to carry up the stairs.

Vacuum Specifications

These two models both operate on 5.5 amps (remember – amps are NOT suction ability; they are only the amount of energy used) and deliver suction as powerful as vacuums that weigh three times more and use twice the energy.

They have 30-foot cords, so you won’t have to keep unplugging and re-plugging while you clean. They have low emissions and excellent HEPA filters to trap dust and particles.

Both have two xenon headlights that are bright enough to actually see things you don’t want to accidentally vacuum (or dirt you might have missed). The RSL4 model has 6 wheels for easier maneuvering, two speeds of cleaning, and a squeegee for bare floors.

With all the new technology available, a lot of vacuums have become difficult to operate. There are just too many buttons and indicators. Both of these models have simple on/off switches right at the handle so you don’t have to bend over to turn them on and off. The switch even lights up so it’s easy to see without putting on glasses!

Best of all, the Supralite RSL3 was the lightest vacuum (and the only one under 10 pounds) to rank in the top 10 of the Consumer Reports March 2006 Vacuum Ratings. It has done equally well in other testing comparisons. For a lot of power in a little package, RSL3 for carpets and RSL4 for bare floors and carpets are definitely great buys.

The Rest of the Riccar Vacuum Cleaner Lines

Riccar makes central vacuums that cover 4,000 to 20,000 square feet for both home and commercial use. They also make several lines of canister and upright vacuums designed to be light and easy to operate while not sacrificing powerful suction. They use stainless steel on all of the important parts (for much longer life than the usual plastic) on the release step, the bottom plate, the brush bar, and motor parts. They also use soft rubber wheels that are easy to maneuver and won’t even scratch marble or hardwood floors.

The Radiance upright series has amazing features like an automatic brush roll jam detector. If something gets caught (thread, a sock, draperies), the brush roll will automatically stop spinning and a bright, easy to recognize light will let you know there is a problem. There is a light next to it that tells you when your bag is full. The Radiance actually has a 7-step filtration process! It’s like getting a vacuum and air purifier in one machine. There is also a six year warranty on the Radiance, which is very rare among vacuum cleaners.

The 8900 Premiere line has both household and commercial vacuums. The warranties are longer for home use, even if you buy a commercial machine. The commercial and higher end home vacuum cleaners have more than one motor fan and longer cords (up to 40 feet). Several home and commercial models have six levels of adjustment for all types of flooring and carpet piles.

The canisters and most uprights all have excellent accessories (usually 5) that are conveniently standard and easy to attach. The switches for pile adjustment, brush on/off, and suction control are all easy to reach without bending over. Many of the models have a lifetime guarantee on the belts!

Riccar vacuum cleaners are available through vacuum cleaner dealers (who also service them if necessary) or online. Whether you choose the ultra-light model, canister, central, or any of the other home or commercial uprights, you can be sure to have a vacuum that will last. If anything does go wrong, you will be pleased with the lengthy warranties. Riccar vacuums are definitely an excellent buy.