Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner

Panasonic is one of those companies making so many everyday products that virtually everybody in America has either owned or at least seen something with the Panasonic name on it.

They’re probably best known for their stereo and home theater equipment, but they also make things like razors, exercise equipment, telephones, computers, and, yes, vacuum cleaners.

Panasonic has a full line of upright and canister vacuums, and their overall reputation is very good.

Of special note is the Panasonic MC-V7720 Bagless Upright.

This vacuum cleaner was rated high enough in reviews by a leading independent product-testing laboratory to be listed among its best buys. There are some good reasons why, as you’ll see.

Panasonic Vacuum Features

Here is a list of the important specifications and features of this Panasonic vacuum cleaner:

  • 2-motor design (separate suction and brush roller motors)
  • 12-amp suction motor
  • Overload protection for both motors
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Automatic height adjustment
  • Full-bin alert
  • Onboard tools: crevice tool, air turbine, dusting brush, floor brush
  • Extra-long attachment hose (17-foot reach)
  • Headlamp
  • Power On Demand with dirt sensor
  • 15-inch cleaning width
  • 30-foot power cord
  • 18 lbs.
  • Price: $205-$299


The first strong point here is the 2-motor design, which extends the life of the main motor. This vacuum also has built-in overload protection on both motors, making the expected life of each even longer still. Then there is the powerful 12-amp suction motor, which provides plenty of power to draw up embedded dirt and debris from the toughest high-pile carpeting.

HEPA Filter

HEPA filtration is becoming the standard method on all high quality vacuum cleaners, and this one has it. This is a big deal these days because doctors have linked a lot of serious allergy problems to dust and pollen that gets trapped in our homes. HEPA filters are the best at removing these tiny irritants.

Height Adjustment

Automatic height adjustment is another terrific feature on this Panasonic vacuum cleaner. If you have rooms with varying carpet heights or a few with bare floors, you can just keep right on moving with your vacuum cleaner and the sensor will adjust the base to the correct height on the fly. It’s a very handy time saver.


The Panasonic MC-V7720 also has a nifty full-bin alert, so you don’t have to guess when the container needs to be emptied.

The combination of four useful tools – crevice, turbine, dusting and floor brushes – and the extra-long hose is yet another wonderful aspect of this vacuum. You’ll be able to reach the places that rarely get cleaned with other vacuums.

Cleaning Path

The 15-inch cleaning path is very nice, especially in tandem with the strong motor. Wide path plus strong suction equals faster vacuuming.


With most 2-motor upright vacuum cleaners, weight becomes a big problem. It’s not unusual for such a vacuum to weigh in excess of 20 lbs. Here again, this Panasonic vacuum cleaner beats its competitors by coming in at a trim 18 lbs. You’ll appreciate this as you work around your house, especially if you have stairs.

Special Features

Now for the clincher. The MC-V7720 features what Panasonic calls ‘Power On Demand.’ This ingenious electronic monitoring system constantly gauges the amount of dirt in the area over which the vacuum’s brush roller is positioned. The more dirt and debris it senses, the harder the motor works. When the area is only slightly dirty, the motor slows down. This is all done automatically, requiring no extra work on your part. ‘Power On Demand’ conserves energy and extends the life of the motor!


You get all of this for $205-$299. That’s really a very attractive price for such a strong vacuum with all of these useful features. This assessment is shared by one of the most respected consumer product laboratories in the world. They gave the Panasonic MC-V7720 an overall rating of 67 out of 100, which puts it in their ‘Very Good’ category. The testers were especially impressed by the vacuum’s bare floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, and low emissions. In no category did this vacuum cleaner score below a ‘Good’ rating.

It’s All Good (Almost) For This Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner

No vacuum cleaner is perfect, of course. There are always a few things that some people wish were different. Having said that, this vacuum comes as close as any we’ve researched to dotting all the ‘i’s and crossing all the ‘t’s.

In reading through the reviews that some owners have submitted to websites that track such things, only a few minor problems came up. First, the filter inside must be removed to clean it. Doing so without getting your hands dirty is not feasible.

Second, there was the old bugaboo about the length of the power cord. This Panasonic vacuum cleaner sports a 30-foot cord, and, yes, that’s too short. There are many uprights with even shorter cords; however, it is a legitimate strike against this one that the cord isn’t at least 40 feet long.

Finally, a couple of owners noted that the carrying handle on the body of the MC-V7720 is poorly placed. It apparently causes the vacuum to tilt awkwardly when being held up for use with the tools.

Those few relatively minor issues aside, the Panasonic MC-V7720 Bagless Upright Vacuum is highly recommended. For a modest price, you get a ton of vacuum cleaner and some special features that make the job much easier and faster. This is one of the best vacuums you can buy!