Panasonic Ultra Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Panasonic Ultra-Pro Commercial Vacuum Cleaner

The Panasonic Ultra-Pro Commercial vacuum, model number MC-GG283, is an upright style vacuum that uses disposable micron filter paper bags.

This model features a commercial grade motor, a 14 inch wide nozzle, and a long cord so you aren’t frequently looking for electric outlets.

This is a commercial style vacuum that has an affordable price tag.

Priced for about $220, the MC-GG283 is backed by a 1 year limited parts and labor warranty.

Panasonic Ultra-Pro Features:

  • Quick Change Power Cord
  • On Board Tools
  • Carpet Height Selector
  • Motor Protector

Quick Change Power Cord:

Here is a feature that sets this vacuum apart. The MC-GG283 has a quick change power cord.

This is essentially a 35 foot long extension cord. Commercial vacuum cleaner cords tend to take a real beating.

They end up being run over by the vacuum and eventually show signs of dangerous wear.

Instead of having to try repair the cord, you can just unplug this one from the machine, and replace it with a new one.

On Board Tools:

If you are in the commercial cleaning business, you know time is money.

Having on board tools is a necessity as you don’t want to take the time to go searching for extension wands when you need to do some above floor cleaning.

The MC-GG283 comes with an extension wand, a crevice tool, and a dusting brush. These tools should be able to take care of all your cleaning needs.

Carpet Height Selector:

The MC-GG283 comes equipped with 4 carpet height settings. You’ll be able to effectively vacuum clean carpet with long shag style carpeting down to the low pile height of Berber carpeting.

Motor Protector:

Panasonic’s Ultra Pro Commercial is built with a motor protector. This port opens if the vacuum becomes clogged, or if the dust bag needs changing.

The port allows air to circulate so the motor is not damaged. If the motor protector is engaged, the vacuum makes a different sound than normal, so you’ll be alerted of a possible problem with suction.

Panasonic Ultra-Pro Recommendations:

This is a recommended vacuum. It is affordably priced, and has enough features to get the job done.


The quick change power cord is an impressive feature. If you’ve ever had accidentally ran over a vacuum cord and damaged it you’ll agree.

If this happens you experience down time while you have the vacuum cord repaired. With the quick change cord, you’ll be able to replace the cord fast, and not experience the same downtime.


Although this model has 4 height adjustments for different height of carpet, it’s not an automatic adjustment.

In fact, the vacuum cleaner must be first shut off, and then you ratchet it up or down, by the handle, to the appropriate height setting.