Panasonic JetSpin Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Panasonic JetSpin Cyclone Pet Friendly Bagless Vacuum

The JetSpin is an upright style vacuum that features bagless technology. This vacuum uses cyclone technology, which basically means air in the canister rotates very rapidly which produces a large centrifugal force that separates dirt from air. The dirt is forced outward, away from the air stream. No filter is required to separate dirt or dust from the air.

The JetSpin weighs about 20 pounds, and is priced from about $200 from online retailers. The JetSpin is backed by a limited one year parts and labor warranty.

Panasonic JetSpin Features:

  • Two motors
  • Dirt Sensor
  • QuickDraw 2
  • Washable Dust Cup
  • Pet Air Turbine Brush
  • 35 foot cord

Two Motors:

This vacuum has the power of a canister vacuum in a convenient upright form. The 14 inch nozzle has its own motor. To protect your wood floors or other bare floor surfaces, turn the nozzle off when vacuuming.

The beater bar on the nozzle has a belt saver feature. This feature turns the beater bar off, if you get a string or other material caught in the bar.

Dirt Sensor:

This vacuum has a built in dirt sensor. The sensor light glows red until all dirt is picked up from the area. Then the light changes to green when the vacuum senses no more dirt and is safe to move on.


QuickDraw 2 means your accessories for above floor cleaning are within easy reach, and you won’t waste time looking for them. They store on board the vacuum. The QuickDraw 2 accessories include an extra long stretch hose, a telescopic wand, a combo brush, and a floor brush.

Washable Dust Cup:

Other vacuums can develop annoying odors over time. The JetSpin has a washable dust cup that can be completely disassembled and washed, eliminated any lingering odors.

Pet Air Turbine Brush:

If you have pets, you’ll appreciate this accessory. It’s sort of like a mini beater bar, and makes quick work out of vacuuming places where your pets leave their hair, such as upholstery and stairs.

Panasonic JetSpin Recommendations:

This model vacuum is recommended. It has a reasonable price, and has a number of unique features such as the dirt sensor, and the ability to turn the nozzle off, that take some of the chore out of cleaning.


The vacuum doesn’t tip when you are using the hose in the extended position. It picks up pet hair well.

It has a headlight on the nozzle so you can see what you are vacuuming, especially in poorly lit areas such as closets.

Since the JetSpin uses bagless technology, there are never bags that need to be purchased.

The dirt sensor lets you know when the area you are vacuuming is clean. No more taking a couple of passes with the vacuum and hoping for the best.

The JetSpin has HEPA filtration, so exhausted air is free from allergens and pollens.


The vacuum is hard to maneuver around tables and under furniture.

This is a fairly heavy vacuum. For some users it might be too heavy and awkward to pack upstairs.

If you are using the hose, you won’t be able to push the vacuum around effectively anymore. The hose handle is the push handle for pushing the vacuum. You may find however, that you can drag the vacuum like a canister vacuum while using it in this position.