Panasonic Commercial Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Panasonic Commercial Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The Panasonic Commercial Upright Vacuum, model MC-V5210, is an upright style vacuum designed for ease of use in commercial applications.

It has advanced filtration, a long heavy duty cord, and is lightweight enough not to cause undo strain on the user. The nozzle on this commercial vacuum is 14 inches wide, so you’ll be able to clean up large areas fast.

This vacuum weighs about 16 pounds, and is available on the internet from about $215. The Panasonic MC-V5210 comes with a 1 year limited warranty.

Panasonic Commercial Upright Features:

  • Nozzle
  • On Board Tools
  • Motor Protection System


The nozzle on the MC-V5210 is manufactured to be durable and withstand heavy commercial applications. The nozzle itself is 14 inches wide, so the operator can make quick work of large areas.

The base plate and the agitator are both manufactured out of metal, which is more durable than plastic used in competitors vacuums. The brush-roll has 3 rows of replaceable brushes, and the manufacture claims this style of brush roll is up to 50% more effective in removing embedded dirt than brush-rolls with the standard 2 row brush.

The nozzle also has edge cleaning on both sides. Many vacuum models only have active edge cleaning on one side of the nozzle. With edge cleaning on both sides, this makes for easier cleaning on the operator. The operator doesn’t have to change positions in order to edge clean.

On Board Tools:

The MC-V5210 has quick draw on-board tools. When you need your attachments they are right at your fingertips and easily attached. When you are done, store them easily back on the vacuum.

Motor Protection System:

If you’ve ever used a vacuum that does not have a motor protection system in place, you’ll realize what an asset this is. Accidentally suck up a paper clip or coin in a machine that does not have motor protection and you’ll ruin the motor’s fan blades. Dirt and debris does not travel through the fan blades on this model.

Panasonic Commercial Upright Recommendations:

This model vacuum is not recommended. The risk of causing flooring damage because the agitator is always spinning is just too great. If you have combination floors (hardwood/carpet), you’ll need to purchase another vacuum to use on the floors. It would make more sense just to have one vacuum that is safe for use on all flooring types.


The vacuum has a headlight to illuminate the area’s being cleaned. This is especially helpful in areas such as poorly lit closets or hallways.

The vacuum has a nice long cord. 50 feet means you can get multiple areas vacuumed without looking for electric outlets.


The brush roll cannot be shut off. This means even when you use the accessories, the brush roll continues to spin. If you are using the accessories while the vacuum is on delicate carpets or rug the spinning brush roll could cause damage.

The vacuum only has an upper cord hook. This would be awkward on vacuums with short cords, but on a vacuum with a 50 foot long power cord, this is really awkward. It’s difficult to store the power cord neatly.