Oreck Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review Of Oreck Vacuum Cleaners

You’ve probably seen David Oreck (who is now in his 80’s) on television doing commercials for Oreck vacuum cleaners.

In the 1960’s, Oreck started his company selling vacuum cleaners to hotels. Thousands of hotels decided to use his powerful, lightweight vacuums. Soon, hotel employees were asking Oreck if they could buy his vacuum cleaners for their homes. That’s when David Oreck got the idea to sell his vacuums to the general public. Since then, Oreck has become a name synonymous with quality in both vacuum cleaners and air purifiers.

Vacuum Cleaner Models

There are four basic models of Oreck XL upright vacuum cleaners, ranging in price from $300 – $700.

Oreck XL Classic

The Oreck XL Classic is the one you probably see on most Oreck vacuum cleaner commercials. Its claim to fame is that it weighs only eight pounds. For the price tag, however, most will find it lacking. The suction is good and there is a three year warranty, but there is a significant lack of features for a $300 machine. There is only one speed, so the suction is too powerful for smaller rugs. The filtration system is average, the power cord is only 25 feet in length, and the handle is uncomfortable. There is no headlight to see missed dirt or coins or other objects that might damage the vacuum. The vacuum is also pretty loud.

XL Deluxe

The next model of Oreck vacuum cleaner is the XL Deluxe. For $100 more, you get better filtration, multi-layer bags that reduce dust and allergens, a headlight, a better handle, and five more feet of power cord. You also get a five year warranty and three annual tune-ups. For your tune-up, you simply take the Oreck vacuum cleaner to a store that services them, and they will replace the belt, seals, and inner bag, check electrical connections, and clean and sanitize the machine inside and out. The XL Deluxe is excellent on bare floors, about the same as the basic unit on carpets, and about as loud. The emissions are greatly reduced, however, so allergy sufferers will appreciate this machine much more than the XL Basic. The XL Deluxe also weighs eight pounds.

Oreck XL Ultra

The Oreck XL Ultra is an improvement on the XL Deluxe for another $100. For most people, it is worth the increase in price. This Oreck vacuum cleaner gives you two speeds so your rugs won’t lift as you vacuum. It is designed to give you better filtration as it adds a layer to both the inner and outer bags. The inner bags are definitely a huge improvement as they are sealable so you don’t have to worry about dusts and particles escaping when you replace the bags (they also hold much more dirt). This model comes in different colors for matching your decor, and it also has a better warranty and more tune-ups. The XL Ultra has an eight year warranty with eight annual tune-ups. The machine is still quite noisy, but not deafening, and the suction power is the same as the XL Deluxe.

Oreck XL21

The best performance and quality buy is the Oreck XL21 vacuum cleaner. It’s called the XL21 because it has a staggering 21-year warranty, and it allows you to get 21 free annual tune-ups. This Oreck vacuum uses HEPA filter technology and guarantees a lifetime HEPA filter. It offers a more ergonomic handle and sound dampening technology so it’s quieter than the other models. It is still very light weight at 11 pounds, and it automatically adjusts from bare floors to carpets. The price tag is $700, but the 21 year warranty and 21 tune-ups will definitely save money in the long run. The Oreck XL21 vacuum cleaner was listed in the top 10 of Consumer Reports’ vacuum cleaner ratings.

The Extras

I like vacuum attachments. What you get with Oreck vacuum cleaners, instead, is a free compact canister vacuum. It’s the one you’ve probably seen in the commercials proving that it has enough suction to hold a 16-pound bowling ball. At first I was annoyed that I had to lug out a separate vacuum for the attachments, but it is a pretty convenient little machine. Depending on which upright you purchase, you get a better quality compact canister vacuum. The basic one is pretty good, but when you lengthen the hose by adding extenders, there is loss of air. It still cleaned stairs pretty well, and it has the added benefit of being easy to carry. It’s great for upholstery and car use.

Shipping is free on all Oreck vacuum cleaners, and you get to try them risk free for 30-days. As you’ve probably heard in the commercial, they even pay shipping to return the vacuums if you’re not satisfied. Additionally, you get a free gift of an iron or a lamp with every XL purchase. There’s even a “Clean for the Cure” special edition pink Oreck XL model you can choose. Oreck donates $50 to the Susan G. . Komen Breast Cancer Foundation with every sale.

Oreck vacuum cleaners are good values for the money. Your best bet is to purchase the top of the line Oreck XL21 for the superior value. There are very few products that offer over 20-year warranties!