Metro 1 Quart VNB Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Metro Vacuum 1 Quart Blower Vac

Metro Vacuum 1 Quart Blower Vac, model VNB-73B, is a combination industrial strength vacuum and blower unit combined.

It is a light weight unit, making it easily portable from cleaning job to cleaning job. The 1 Quart Blower Vac can be used either indoors or outdoors.

The 1 Quart Blower Vac is available from about $179 from internet retailers, and comes with a limited 2 year warranty on the motor.

Metro 1 Quart Blower Vacuum Features:

  • Steel construction
  • Lightweight
  • 4.0 HP motor
  • Dual purpose vacuum
  • Accessories

Steel Construction:

Manufactured to be durable and long lasting, and intended for use either indoors or outdoors, this model vacuum features steel construction, and made in the USA.


Lightweight and portable, the I Quart Blower Vac weighs only 8.75 lbs, and comes complete with a shoulder strap to promote easily carrying the unit while operating it.


A powerful 4.0 peak horsepower motor operates this vacuum/blower. While operating as a vacuum, the MetroVac has a 90+ inches of static water lift.

Dual Purpose:

One piece of equipment, dual uses. Use this unit as a powerful industrial strength vacuum. Or use it to blow away dirt, dust, debris from sidewalks, driveways and even gutters. Need more uses? You can even use this with the included accessories to inflate inflatable items such as air mattresses and toys.


The 1 Quart Vac n’Blo accessories are as follows. It comes with a 3 foot hose, and 2 extension wands that are 20 inches in length. The vacuum accessories include a Pik-all nozzle and a crevice tool. The blower extra’s are a Powerizer Air Maximizer, and a Magic Air inflator adapter. To use conveniently, it comes with a shoulder strap so the weight of the Vac N’Blo is more evenly distributed over your body.

Metro 1 Quart Blower Vacuum Recommendations:


Overall the positive comments far exceeded the negative comments from users concerning the 1 Quart Vac N’Blo.

Almost all users commented on the powerful suction and blowing capability this model had. Comments included that this portable model has the power equivalent to full sized home vacuums.

Users liked the fact that although this vacuum is lightweight, it is powerful. Users said it picked up particles of sand in just one pass, and multiple passes with the vacuum were not necessary.

Users also commented that the blower side was so powerful, that it did take some practice with the 1 Quart Vac N’Blo, otherwise lightweight objects in the vicinity of what you were blowing were also blown away!


They are only a few negative comments on the 1 Quart Vac N’Blo from users. One user did not like the fact that the electric cord on this model is very short. In order to use this vacuum you need an extension cord. Users said the cord was only a few inches long.

Another user commented that this model only has a one speed motor. It can be hard to get used to especially when blowing, because it is a powerful motor which produces a high volume of air.

Consumers also had a few negative comments regarding the design of the 1 Quart Vac N’Blo. Users thought the unit would be significantly improved if it had either attached legs or wheels. There was also some comments regarding the placement of the on/off switch – apparently it is placed in such a way that it is hard to reach. And a few users commented that if it was made of thicker grade steel, that would have been nice. Some users noted that when they purchased the unit from a reputable on line dealer, the vacuum body had some dents in it.