Metro DataVac Pro Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Metro DataVac Pro

The Metro DataVac model MDV3TCA is a portable vacuum designed specifically for vacuuming or blowing electronic equipment.

Use it to help clean and maintain your office equipment including computers, fax machines, laser printers, calculators and other sensitive electronics.

This unit comes complete with a carry case that holds all the hoses, straps, and accessories.

Other vacuums just blow or suck dust and particles. The DataVac also has the capability of picking up toner spills from laser printers and copiers.

Available from about $199 from internet retailers, the DataVac is an inexpensive way to help maintain your equipment. It’s lightweight, including the case and accessories; the DataVac weighs about 12 pounds.

Featuring all steel construction, the DataVac is built to last. The unit carries a 1 year parts and labor warranty, and a 2 year warranty on the motor.

Metro DataVac 3 Pro Series Features:

  • 2 speed motor
  • Filtration system
  • Accessories

Two Speed Motor:

For your cleaning convenience, the DataVac is built with a two speed motor. Because of a high and low speed, more sensitive equipment can be cleaned. Use the low speed on sensitive/intricate areas; and use the high speed for heavy duty cleaning. The DataVac features a 1-2/3 peak horsepower motor.

Filtration System:

The DataVac has a triple filtration system, and the manufacture claims it is 99.9 percent efficient on particles to .3 microns. The filtration system consists of a cloth bag, a toner filter bag, and a fiberglass micro filter.


The DataVac comes with a multitude of accessories designed to reach all the tiny cracks and crevices you might encounter while detail cleaning your sensitive electronic equipment.

The DataVac comes with a 3 inch, 6 foot flexible hose, 2 twenty inch wands, a crevice tool, a dusting brush, an air pin-pointer nozzle, a”Pik-all”nozzle, and a “Powerizer” air maximize nozzle. Also included is a 4 piece micro cleaning tool kit that consists of an adapter nozzle, a micro-crevice tool, a micro-dust brush, and a flex-neck extension wand.

For easy cleaning experience, the DataVac comes with a shoulder strap, and a 12 foot long power cord.

All this fits conveniently into the carry case for storage and portability from equipment to equipment.

Metro DataVac 3 Pro Series Recommendations:

Most everyone seems to like the vacuum, there was one user that thought the suction was very poor and another who suggested the attachments didn’t fit well.


It eliminates the need for canned air. This vacuum could potentially save you valuable time and money, because after purchasing the DataVac, you would never need to run to the store to purchase a can of air again.

It has a variety of attachments for virtually any cleaning or dusting project.


It could be considered a relatively expensive gadget.