Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer Review

Review of Metro Air Force Quick Draw

The Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer is a small hand held dryer manufactured specifically for drying pets after bathing.

It provides a large volume of warm air, (not hot), so your pet stays comfortable during the drying process. It provides enough volume of air that even large dogs are dried off in a matter of minutes.

The Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer weighs in at 3 pounds, and is available from retailers from about $89.00.

This model is backed by a 1 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Metro Air Force Dryer Features:

  • Metal Construction
  • Compact Design
  • Air Speed/Volume
  • Accessories

Metal Construction:

Built to last, the Metro Air Force Quick Draw Dryer features all steel construction on the blower part of the unit. The hoses and attachments are light weight plastic.

Compact Design:

The Air Force Quick Draw is designed to be hand held portable. It is light weight; it weighs about 3 pounds so you can easily transport it with you if you are travelling with your pet.

Air Speed/Volume:

The 1.3 peak horse power motor produces a maximum air volume of 160MPH and air speed of 18,000 FPM. This means your dog will be dried off and comfortable in a matter of a few minutes.


The Quick Draw is equipped with accessories to make you and your pets drying time as comfortable as possible.

The unit comes with a 12 foot power cord, a 6 foot hose, a table mounting hook, and a shoulder strap. It also comes with 2 different styles of nozzles. It has an air flare nozzle, and an air concentrator nozzle.

Metro Air Force Dryer Recommendations:


Reviews on the Metro Air Force Quick Draw are mostly very good. Reviewers all like the fact that their drying time was cut down to minutes on all types of dogs, and they liked the fact that the dryer blew warm air only, so the animals did not get over heated.

Reviewers who had used ordinary blow dryers in the past were especially impressed with the temperature of air that came out of the Air Force Quick Draw, and the volume of air.

Users were also impressed with the price of the Air Force; it is affordable, and eliminates frequent trips to the dog groomer. They were also impressed with the way their dogs looked after being dried by this product. Users said their dogs were nice and fluffy after drying and the dryer did not cause the dog’s hair to tangle.


The few negative comments for users were mostly concerning the loudness of the dryer. A few people found it to be too loud and too high pitched to use on their dogs. Other users said the dogs eventually got used to the noise. Still other users said the Air Force Quick Draw was no louder than any other dog dryer that they had used.

One reviewer did have a really good suggestion concerning the noise. She suggested that since the hose stretched 6 feet, there was really no reason to have the unit right next to your pet.