Lindhaus Valzner Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Lindhaus Valzner Vacuum

The Valzner New Age is another upright vacuum by Lindhaus.

Like other Lindhaus vacuums, it doesn’t just work as a vacuum but has other capabilities as well.

This vacuum has been built with health concerns in mind.

For consumers who have allergies or other environmental sensitivities, this model vacuum might be one to consider.

All Lindhaus vacuums are built to have adjustable filtration all the way up to HEPA filtration.

HEPA filters and charcoal filters (to absorb offensive odors) are available for separate purchase and are easy to install.

The vacuum weighs about 30 pounds, and is priced from about $700.

Lindhaus Valzner Features:

  • Backpack Conversion
  • Top Level Port
  • Blowing Capability
  • Rubber Wheels

Backpack Conversion:

This vacuum has the ability to convert to a backpack style vacuum.

If you do a lot of above ground cleaning, you’ll appreciate this feature.

You’ll be able to reach further, more safely and comfortably wearing the vacuum as a backpack.

Top Level Port:

Lindhaus has placed the port for the hose attachment on the top of the vacuum.

This means less bending for the operator and makes above the floor cleaning easier.

Blowing Capability:

Sometimes blowing dust and debris from a hard to reach surface is more effective than trying to use suction from a distance.

The Valzner New Age can do either task. (Not all vacuums can.) With the purchase of an optional hose, this vacuum can also do both functions at the same time.

Rubber Wheels:

The Valzner is equipped with rubber wheels so it is safe for all surfaces including your mattress.

This is a great way of ensuring you get your home clean from dust mites and other allergens.

The brush roll also has an adjustable height, to adjust for different flooring or mattress surfaces.

Lindhaus Valzner Recommendations:


If you are looking for a vacuum that has reliable suction, (up to 79 inches of water lift), and has the capability to make above floor cleaning a breeze, this may be a vacuum you want to consider.

This vacuum saves your back from being strained and forced to work in uncomfortable positions.

Strap on the vacuum and see how much easier it is to reach those hard to reach areas.

The Valzner also comes with the multipurpose M-series nozzle. The M-series nozzle can easily (without tools) be converted to a Dry Cleaning System. (Dry cleaning chemicals are available for separate purchase.)

This model has double filter disposable paper bags that fill from the top down. This means you’ll be changing the bags less often, and having more efficient use of the bag you are using.

The new age vacuum also has a full bag indicator, so there is no need to partially dissemble the vacuum to see if the bag is full or not.

The Valzner comes with the usual assortment of attachments including tools specifically designed for hard floor cleaning.


At 14 kilos this is a heavy vacuum to be lugging around. (It’s probably a good thing it can be converted to a back pack style.)