Lindhaus Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Lindhaus Diamante Vacuum

Lindhaus is a famous name in the high-end commercial vacuum cleaner industry. This family-owned Italian company has been making state-of-the-art motors for vacuum cleaners for decades.

In the last two decades, the Lindhaus owners decided to branch out and attempt to win over household vacuum cleaner users in Europe and North America.

Lindhaus now offers several high quality home vacuums. The most recent addition is the Diamante Electronic 300 & 380 series.

These are actually different vacuum cleaners (model 300 and model 380), but they only differ in two ways: cleaning width and total weight. The 300 is designed as a standard upright, with a 12-inch cleaning width and total weight of 16 lbs. The 380 is also an upright vacuum, but it has a 15-inch cleaning width and a total weight of 17 lbs.

Lindhaus Vacuum Features

Here are the other identical specifications for both models of this Lindhaus vacuum cleaner series in this review:

  • Two-motor design (suction motor and brush motor)
  • 8.9-amp suction motor; 1.4-amp brush motor
  • Standard bag upright vacuum cleaner
  • Lighted full bag indicator
  • Electronically controlled motors
  • Hospital quality advanced 3M Filtrete filtration system
  • Optional S-HEPA filter and carbon active filter
  • Standard onboard tools
  • 35-foot electrical cord
  • A.T.V. (All Terrain Vacuum)
  • Dry Carpet Cleaning mode
  • Cogged belt drive
  • Electronic overload control
  • Price: $900-$1000


The Lindhaus Diamantes have a lot of good features! The two-motor design is one of the best things about these vacuums. Having separate motors to drive the brush roller and the suction prolongs the life of both. It also means you can expect to see no loss of suction power over heavy carpets, when the brush roller is really digging and working hard.

The 8.9-amp suction motor is respectable. It’s not the most powerful in a household vacuum cleaner, but it’s far from the weakest. The 1.4-amp brush motor is within the standard range for a two-motor vacuum. Lindhaus made its name designing world-class motors for commercial vacuum cleaners, and they’ve incorporated that know-how in all their home cleaners as well. Both motors are electronically controlled, which is a very useful high-tech innovation. This feature controls the stress on the motors and helps you use less energy. The electronics regulate the amount of power being applied, supplying only the necessary power to do the job at hand. Older motor designs only give you a choice between fully on and completely off.

HEPA Filtering

Diamante vacuum cleaners provide an impressive array of filtering systems. The standard system uses a two-filter bag to trap almost all dust and debris, while also incorporating an advanced motor filtration system made by the 3M company. This provides hospital quality filtering, so bacteria and allergens are trapped every time you use the vacuum. HEPA and carbon filters are optional additions, giving you the opportunity to clean the entire room (floor and air).

A Surprising Feature With This Vacuum: Dry Cleaning The Carpet

Lindhaus calls the Diamante an ‘ATV’: All Terrain Vacuum. It’s a good description, because this vacuum can handle carpets, bare floors, expensive hardwood flooring, stairs, drapes, furniture upholstery, and even mattresses. But it also has one feature that truly separates it from virtually all other home vacuum cleaners on the market today: dry cleaning. That’s right – you can dry clean your carpets and rugs with this vacuum! Simply install the included dry cleaning converter (takes less than one minute) and it’s ready to go. You get professionally cleaned carpets and rugs without any water to dry, nothing to carry out and dump, and absolutely no mess!


Weight is always an issue when assessing a home vacuum cleaner’s potential. And here, the Diamante is actually quite extraordinary. For a vacuum with two motors instead of one, the fact that Lindhaus was able to keep the overall weight to no more than 17lbs. is truly an amazing engineering feat! (Many single-motor uprights weigh in excess of 22 lbs.)

Belt Drive

The other feature of this Lindhaus vacuum cleaner that bears mentioning is the cogged belt drive. One of the biggest complaints many vacuum cleaner users have is brush rollers getting clogged and stopping. This is a common occurrence, especially in homes with longhaired pets that shed. This reduces the cleaning capabilities of the vacuum, since embedded dirt, hair, and debris are not being agitated up to where the suction can trap and draw them into the bag. With the Diamante’s innovative cogged belt drive, coupled with the separate motor that powers the roller, clogs are much less frequent and easier to clean. Bottom line: faster and more thorough cleaning.

Lindhaus Vacuum Cons:

So far, the picture being painted is of a great vacuum cleaner that uses state-of-the-art technology. And, that’s all true. But, the Lindhaus Diamante is not without issues. The big one is the price tag. At upwards of $1000, this vacuum is in pretty exclusive company for a home machine. It is important to keep in mind, however, that the Diamante can handle any type of flooring, stairs, furniture, drapes, and even mattresses, as well as doubling as a professional carpet and rug dry cleaner. You’re getting a lot of cleaning versatility for your $1000!

Practically speaking, the one design drawback of the Diamante is one that is shared by an annoyingly high percentage of home vacuums in our review – the cord is too short. At 35 feet, it’s 5-15 feet short of what is needed in many rooms. There’s really no excuse for this in such a modern machine.

Another potential drawback is the suction motor’s power. 8.9 amps are, again, respectable, but far from seriously powerful. This vacuum cleaner would be more highly recommended if it boasted a 12-amp monster under the hood! But, more power means more weight, of course, so it’s a trade-off many people are not willing to make.

Lindhaus Vacuum Recommendations

Overall, the Lindhaus Diamante 300 & 380 vacuum cleaners are recommended in our review, if your budget allows for the high price. The company made its name building some of the best vacuum motors in history for the commercial cleaning industry, so you know the internals works of this machine are as good as they come. Just what you’d expect when you spend $1000 for a home vacuum. This Lindhaus vacuum cleaner, when it’s all said and done, is actually worth what they’re asking for it.