Lindhaus RX HEPA Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Lindhaus RX HEPA Vacuum Cleaner

The RX HEPA is an upright vacuum manufactured by Lindhaus for commercial use.

It has 2 motors, a 3 pronged plug, and there is a choice of nozzle width.

The RX HEPA is available in 3 different nozzles widths.

The choices are 15 inch, 18 inch or 20 inch.

The RX HEPA has been manufactured primarily for the specific needs of healthcare facilities.

The 15 inch is priced at about $700, 18 inch is about $716, and the 20 inch is approximately $816.

Lindhaus backs these vacuums with a 1 year parts and labor warranty, a 2 year warranty on the motor, and a 3 year warranty on the belts.

Lindhaus RX HEPA Features:

  • Dual Motors
  • Filtration System
  • Hard Floor Tools
  • Electronic Protection

Dual Motors:

The motors on the RX HEPA are precision engineered to provide maximum suction and the lowest noise possible.

For example, the ball bearings in the motor are mounted in rubber boots to reduce transfer of vibration.

To aid in noise and vibration reduction, the motors are computer balanced.

The RX HEPA also uses a dual fan system. The use of 2 fans pulling together reduces noise level, and allows the motor to operate at lower speeds.

Filtration System:

Like other vacuums manufactured by Lindhaus, the RX HEPA has a five stage filtration system.

This filtration system includes a double walled paper bag, washable inlet filter, vacuum motor/carbon brush filters, and a permanently charged electrostatic Filtrete filter.

The Filtrete filter ensures that the exhaust is cleaned to a high level of air quality without using more expensive HEPA filters.

If a higher air quality is desired, an optional S-class HEPA filter is available to remove super fine particles and allergens. (The HEPA filter is approximately $50)

Hard Floor Tools:

Lindhaus has patented hard floor tools.

These tools convert the vacuum from carpet cleaner to electric broom safe for use on sensitive hard floor surfaces such as marble, granite and ceramic.

Electronic Protection:

To protect the vacuum from accidently damage from inadvertently sucking up a large object, the RX HEPA comes with electronic controls.

If the brush roll experiences a drastic reduction in speed, the electronic control will shut the vacuum down instantly.

The electronic control reacts much quicker than a mechanical circuit breaker would.

The overload protection circuit on the vacuum is easily reset by either returning it to the upright position, or by unplugging the vacuum and dislodging the object.

Lindhaus RX HEPA Recommendations:

This vacuum model is expensive and is not backed by a very long manufacturer warranty.

I would not recommend it.


It is safe for use on all flooring types.

The vacuum is quite enough that it can be used in noise sensitive areas.

This model has on-board tools conveniently stored with the vacuum.

You’ll easily be able to tackle above the floor cleaning projects, dusting, or cleaning with cracks and crevices with the on-board attachments.

The RX HEPA has variable height adjustment to effectively clean any pile height.

Lindhaus has manufactured this vacuum with non-marring rubber wheels, making it safe for use on any flooring type.


The price; this is an expensive piece of equipment; that only has a 1 year warranty.

Vacuum bags and belts are available from authorized dealers and from internet retailers.

If you happen to unexpectedly break a belt or need a new vacuum bag, you can’t run down to the nearest store and you could experience some unwanted down time.