Lindhaus Dynamic Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Dynamic Professional Upright by Lindhaus

The Dynamic is an upright vacuum manufactured by Lindhaus. It comes in three nozzles sizes, and has 2 motors. The models available are the 300, the 380, and the 450. The 300 is the standard nozzle width, the 380 is the 14 inch nozzle width, and the 450 is the extra wide width.

The Dynamic has a limited 2 year warranty, and the MSRP for the 300 is about $900.

Like other Lindhaus vacuums, the Dynamic has multiple layers of adjustable filtration up to HEPA filtration. This model vacuum also is safe to use on all flooring types, has attachments for above the ground cleaning, and easily converts to a dry carpet cleaner. The vacuum also features a low profile, and operates at a horizontal angle to reach hard to get to places such as under furniture.

Lindhaus Dynamic Features:

  • Dual Motors
  • Cord Length
  • Handle weight
  • Low noise level

Dual Motors:

Lindhaus has manufactured the Dynamic with the ability to shut off the motor to the beater bar. You’ll save your floors by shutting off the beater bar when the vacuum is in the upright position, and you are cleaning above the floor with either the hose or other accessories.

The motor stops immediately if the brush roll gets blocked to prevent damage to any moving mechanical parts.

Cord Length:

Lindhaus has considered how frustrating it can be to search for and continually have to change outlets to plug a vacuum into. This model has a long 41 foot cord.

Handle Weight:

Built with operator comfort in mind, the Dynamic has a light handle weight of only 1.89 pounds.

Low Noise Level:

Even with 2 motors, the Dynamic is a vacuum that does not produce a lot of noise. With a noise level measured at 69 dB, you’ll still be able to vacuum and not miss an important phone call. (At 85 dB, personal hearing protection is recommended.)

Lindhaus Dynamic Recommendations:

I cannot recommend the Dynamic vacuum. It boils down to the features of the vacuum vs the cost of the vacuum and replacement bags and the short warranty period. These vacuums are expensive, and the warranty period is only a 2 year limited.


The Dynamic is manufactured with a long 41 foot cord, which saves time and effort in changing and looking for electric outlets. These models operate quietly.

The brush roll is easily removed for cleaning or replacement. No tools are even required to remove the brush roll. Rubber wheels are non- marring and safe for any surface.

Optional filtration. You can choose the level of filtration needed, depending on the time of year and the people who might be in the environment. If you have people who suffer from allergies, you can choose filtration all the way up to HEPA filtration. If this level of filtration is not required, you can save yourself a little money by choosing a less expensive filtration.


Replacement bags are expensive and not readily available. You’ll probably have to buy them on line or from a dealer.

Onboard tools tend to fall off if you are vacuuming under furniture with the vacuum in a horizontal position.

Lindhaus vacuums are expensive and only backed by short warranty periods. Filters, in my opinion, are also expensive.