Lindhaus HF6 Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Lindhaus HF6 Canister Vacuum

The HF6 by Lindhaus is a canister vacuum that has superior HEPA filtration, and features different nozzles for different flooring types.

On board tools are a nice feature for any vacuum, and the HF6 provides this convenient feature.

It comes complete with a telescopic crevice tool, upholstery tool, dusting brush, and radiator brush.

The HF6 is available for about $500, and is backed by a 3 year warranty.

Lindhaus HF6 Canister Vac Features:

  • Blower Function
  • Filtration
  • Hard Floor Tools
  • Low Noise Output

Blower Function:

The HF6 has a blower port which not all vacuums do.

This means you can hook up the hose to the blower and use the vacuum to potentially unclog a slow drain or blow dust away from electronics, radiators or other areas that accumulate dust and may be hard to clean.

With a special hose, you can use blowing and suction at the same time.


Lindhaus manufactures this model vacuum so the level of filtration can be adjusted if needed.

There are 5 stages of filtration with the final stage a hospital grade 3M Filtrete micro-filter at the final stage of filtration.

This filtration system traps and removes allergens and contaminates. If more intense filtration is required, a charcoal filter is available as an option.

This filter removes offensive odors. An S-class HEPA filter is also available as an optional purchase. (An S-Class filter means 99.97 percent of particles larger than .3 micron are removed.)

Because of the vacuum’s ability to remove allergens, dust mites, pollens etc, the user could also use this vacuum as an air purifier.

Hard Floor Tools:

Unlike other vacuums where the nozzle adjusts to different heights, the HF6 has hard floor tools specifically designed for cleaning hard surface floors.

The hard floor tool has 4 rubber wheels and central bristles. It provides suction from all sides.

It can be used on hard flooring or indoor/outdoor carpeting.

The felt hard floor tool has a felt bottom that allows the HF6 to vacuum and polish floors all at the same time.

To clean ceramic or cement floors, the felt strip may be removed. Underneath the felt strip is a bristle brush designed to clean durable floors.

Low Noise Output:

As with other vacuum’s Lindhaus manufactures, this model also does not produce a lot of noise.

The sound level has been measured at 67 db (A).

This might make this model vacuum a good choice for pet owners, because it creates less noise and does not disturb pets as bad as other noisy vacuums might.

Lindhaus HF6 Canister Vac Recommendations:

Users who purchased Lindhaus vacuums in general have been very satisfied with their purchase.


Canister vacuums are generally easy to get into hard to reach places than upright vacuums.

It’s much easier to get a nozzle completely underneath a bed or other furniture than an upright.

This vacuum has multiple functions; it can vacuum, blow or inflate, and can purify the air.

This could potentially save the user money simply because you may not need to purchases separate appliances for inflating or purifying.

It comes with a large capacity (14 quart) disposable bag.

The vacuum has a full bag indicator which is always a nice feature as it eliminates having to open up the bag compartment to check and see if the bag needs replacing.


You’ll need to actually change the nozzle if you have multiple flooring types.

This could potentially be a little inconvenient and involve some stop/starting of the cleaning process.

The nozzle does not have a headlight. This could cause some minor difficulty and inefficiency, if you are working in a poorly lighted area.