Lindhaus Aria Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Lindhaus Aria Vacuum

The Aria series canister vacuum is manufactured by Lindhaus, and is available in 3 models.

These models are; the Red, the Elite, and the Platinum. The basic difference between the models is the control panel.

The Red and the Elite have a manual electronic control. What mode the vacuum is in is clearly marked by easy to read color coded lights.

The modes are soft start, power, and motor temperature control.

On the Platinum model, the power is automatically regulated by the electronic control panel.

You can decrease or increase the power with a touch of a button.

All models in this series are equipped with a full bag indicator.

MSRP on the Platinum version of this model is $1399, but can be found online from a vacuum retailers for $999.

Lindhaus Aria Canister Vac Features:

  • Blower Port
  • Retractable Cord
  • Accessories and Additional Nozzles
  • Maneuverability

Blower Port:

Lindhaus vacuums feature machines that can have multiple functions.

The Aria series not only can provide a superior vacuum cleaning experience, it is also capable of providing blowing power or the ability to inflate.

Sometimes it is easier to blow the dust off a hard to reach area than trying to suck it off with the vacuum hose.

The user has the ability to try both techniques with this vacuum. If you purchase an additional hose, you can use the blowing and suction at the same time.

Retractable Cord:

The Aria series have the retractable cord on the canister.

This is always a nice feature, especially with a heavier vacuum as it is not practical to pick up the vacuum and manually rewind.

The power cord is approximately 33 feet long.

Accessories and Additional Nozzles:

The Elite and Platinum come complete with the power head and dry cleaning system. This is available as an option on the Red.

The hose features a quick connect so the power nozzle, wand and other tools can be quickly and easily attached.

For above ground cleaning, there is a stainless steel telescopic wand.

The vacuum comes standard with a crevice tool, dusting brush, and upholstery/stair tool.

There is also an optional felt floor nozzle which can vacuum and polish wood or marble floors.

The felt pad is removable, and underneath is a row of bristles that make this nozzle a great choice for cleaning rough surfaces such as cement.

The Aria also comes with a universal brush, which has a swivel neck and 4 rubber wheels.

This nozzle is low profile and safe for use on rugs, carpet and hard flooring.


The Aria series has 3 rubber swivel wheels which help provide excellent maneuverability. The vacuum hose is mounted on the front of the canister.

The body of the canister is completely wrapped by a bumper so if the operator accidentally bumps into walls or furniture, they are not damaged.

The canister has ergonomically designed upper and lower handles so if the operator does need to transport the vacuum it is easy to pick up.

The canister itself has a “tapered” profile so it fits on a stair riser.

The Aria also has a swivel hose, which allows you to reach a greater area without having to move the canister base.

Lindhaus Aria Canister Vac Recommendations:


Producing less than 68 decibels of noise, this is a fairly quiet vacuum.

Noise in this level means you can still probably hear the phone ring, and is not so disturbing to others in the household including your pets.

The motor on this vacuum is highly efficient. The manufacture claims it will probably last 20 years or more.


The vacuum hose can kink up. If this happens, all suction to the nozzle is completely cut off.

Expensive. When you purchase an item this expensive, it would be nice not to have to purchase an extension cord to maximize your experience with the vacuum.