Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Cleaner

Kenmore is the home appliance division of Sears. They offer virtually every modern appliance imaginable for the home, including dishwashers, stoves, microwaves, refrigerators, clothes washers and dryers, and vacuum cleaners.

With the considerable monetary resources and research know-how Sears can bring to bear on anything they choose to develop, it’s no wonder that Kenmore vacuum cleaners have some of the best reputations in the entire industry.

One model of Kenmore vacuum cleaner is a standout among standouts in our review:

Kenmore Progressive 36932 Bagless Upright.

It has earned a “best buy” rating by a leading consumer product testing lab, and has the following features:

Kenmore Features

  • 12-amp motor
  • 3-speed motor control
  • 15-inch wide cleaning path
  • ‘Inteli-Clean’ system that detects how much power is needed and adjusts accordingly
  • ‘Gentle Sweep’ control for Berber carpets and delicate rugs
  • 4 manual height adjustment settings
  • Beltless direct drive agitator
  • Separate brush on/off switch
  • True HEPA filter
  • Overload protection for both the main motor and the brush roller motor
  • Small powered brush for stairs included
  • Onboard tools: Handi-Mate, combo brush, bare floor brush
  • 30-foot power cord
  • 22 lbs.
  • Price: $300

Vacuum Motor

The 12-amp motor and 15-inch cleaning path are very useful. That’s the right amount of power for that path width. The three motor speeds can be controlled by a handy control pad right on the handle.

The Kenmore ‘Inteli-Clean’ system is a great innovation. The machine senses when a spot on the carpet is particularly dirty or clean and automatically adjusts the motor’s power in response. This will save energy and give you uniformly clean carpets every time you vacuum.

Power Settings

Another terrific feature on this Kenmore vacuum cleaner is the ‘Gentle Sweep’ system. If you have Berber carpets or delicate rugs and you’ve been afraid to run your current vacuum cleaner over them, this is the machine for you! It provides gentle, worry-free cleaning.

The Progressive 36932 has a beltless agitator, which will eliminate a common problem with many other vacuum cleaners – belt replacements. It’s just one more reason why this machine has such a strong reputation.

There is also a separate on/off switch for the brush motor. Stopping the brush roller while using the hose and attachments to clean stairs, drapes, and upholstery prevents unnecessary wear and tear on that motor, extending the life of the machine and reducing your maintenance costs.

HEPA Filter

When it comes to filtering the air going through the vacuum cleaner, HEPA filtration is fast becoming the benchmark. This Kenmore vacuum cleaner offers True HEPA, assuring that virtually no dirt, dust, or allergens will escape back into the air.

Overload Protection

Another important feature that this machine has is overload protection for both motors (blower and brush). Vacuum cleaner motors are built to withstand a lot of use, but running them too long at one time or running them over heavily soiled carpeting can cause serious strain to both motors. The overload feature helps prevent such costly problems by cutting out the motor when too much strain is detected.

You also get a small powered brush to help clean stairs more thoroughly. It’s a nice addition to a vacuum that is well worth the price, even without it.

Just a Few Minor Complaints With This Vacuum

The Kenmore Progressive 36932 Bagless Upright Vacuum has no serious design or mechanical flaws. It’s solidly built and has no history of needing an inordinate amount of repairs or replacements under warranty terms. However, there are a few minor problems that should be noted.

First, it’s on the heavy side at 22 lbs. This is a common problem with two-motor vacuums, especially ones with big blower motors and wider cleaning paths. There are similar vacuum cleaners out there that manage to keep their weights down around 19-20 lbs., so it can be done. It’s not a big difference, but worth considering if you are a smaller person, have any problems with your back, or just don’t like the thought of lugging around a heavier machine.

The second problem is a short power cord. Thirty feet isn’t ridiculously short, but it could stand another ten feet. If you have large rooms or widely spaced electrical outlets, thirty feet probably won’t cut it.

Finally, the consumer reporting agency that reviewed this Kenmore vacuum cleaner a “best buy” did note that one problem was a tendency for the machine to tip over when using the hose and attachments. This was especially problematic when the hose was fully extended. To be fair, this is very common among uprights, so it’s by no means a problem specific to this model.

Kenmore Vacuum Recommendation

Overall, it’s hard to argue with the “best buy” rating. At $300, the Kenmore Progressive 36932 Bagless Upright is priced lower than some models with fewer useful features. It’s also noteworthy that there were no major complaints or poor ratings given by owners of this vacuum in any of the online reviews submitted at the major sites we checked. That alone is a very good indicator of this vacuum cleaner’s worthiness. It’s highly recommended!