Kenmore Progressive Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Kenmore Progressive Vacuum

The Kenmore Progressive Upright was rated number 1 in a consumer report in 2007 for the best upright with a bag. The inteli-clean sensor on this vacuum gives you a green light when your carpet is actually free from dirt. The variable power control is located on the control pad; conveniently placed on the handle, making it easy to give you more power when you need it.

The Kenmore progressive upright has a 15inch cleaning path with 4 height settings so you can quickly move from carpets to bare floors with ease. The Handimate Jr attachment cleans stairs, upholstery and hard to reach corners.

The vacuum weighs in at 23 pounds and costs around $219-$280. It has a 1 year parts and labor warranty.

Kenmore Progressive Inteli-Clean Features:

  • HEPA Cloth bag
  • HEPA filters
  • Inteli-Clean Setting featuring an Infrared Dirt Sensor
  • Direct Drive Beltless Agitator
  • Handimate Jr. Attachment
  • 30 foot Cord

HEPA Cloth Bag & Filters:

It has HEPA filtration which gives you cleaner exhaust air thus reducing dirt particles and allergens in the air. The HEPA Cloth Bag traps dirt particles inside the bag, not releasing them back into the air. Designed for those with allergies.

Infrared Dirt Sensor:

The infrared dirt sensor will show a red light when there is still dirt in the vacuumed area. This allows you to go over an area until the light turns green indicating a really deep clean. A great feature to remind you of areas that may need a little more attention.


It comes standard with a telescopic wand for reaching ceilings and hard to reach corners. Also included is the crevice tool for getting into those tight places. There is a bare floor brush, combo dusting brush and upholstery tool. The attachments are stored conveniently onboard in a recessed tool storage area.

Kenmore Progressive Inteli-Clean Recommendations:

One reviewer never thought she would become so partial to a vacuum. She believed all vacuums were the same until she went into the store and tried this model. She was sold on the Kenmore Progressive and has been thrilled with this vacuum’s performance for months now. Picking up cat and dog hair is no problem, making vacuuming easier if you’re a pet owner.

Another reviewer wrote that she has dorm type carpet and this vacuum keeps her floors looking like new, grabbing hold of the dirt like no other vacuum. It also has a special setting for rugs that uses lower suction and works great! It was worth the research before making a purchase. Do the research and take a look at this one, you will be glad you did.

A few people had an issue with the Inteli-Clean light staying red. According to the reviews that can happen for two reasons: because the sensor is dirty,(inside the bag compartment is a dirt sensor that you need to wipe off with a rag every time you change the bag,(see manual). Another reason is just that the carpet is extremely dirty. The first time most people used this vacuum they expect a “green” light after one sweep. Because of built up dirt that other vacuums miss, it could take quite a while before you get a “green” light. One reviewer stated that “it took around 6 hours of vacuuming! That is how horrible my other vacuum turned out to be”. After the initial deep cleaning it will turn green quicker indicating that your carpets are truly clean.

One consumer loved the vacuum but said that the cloth HEPA bags are expensive and won’t fit properly. He suggests buying the Type “U” paper bags and said that every Sears salesman agrees with that.

A great suggestion that was written in a review said to fill a little zipper bag with the things you find hardest for your current vacuum to pick up. Take it to a department store that has the vacuums displayed and try one before you buy one!