Industrial Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Industrial Shop-Vac

When you think of heavy-duty industrial vacuum cleaners that can handle tough jobs, what name comes to mind? That’s right, Shop-Vac.

It’s no accident that this company’s name has become synonymous with tackling cleanups in garages, at construction and home improvement job sites, and clearing flooded basements.

They make some excellent wet/dry vacuums.

While there are several models worth checking out, one is particularly noteworthy for offering a lot of useful features at a low price: the Shop-Vac 925-40-10 Wet/Dry Vacuum. This industrial vacuum cleaner handles big jobs as well as or better than many vacuums costing twice as much!

Shop-Vac Features

Here are some of the important features of the Shop-Vac 925-40-10:

  • 3.0 HP motor
  • 10-gallon plastic storage tank (with side handles)
  • Two-stage dry filtration system
  • 14-inch wide floor nozzle
  • 6-foot locking hose
  • Onboard tools include gulper and crevice attachments and extension wand
  • Sturdy caster wheel system for easy mobility and durability
  • 20-foot electrical cord • 22 lbs.
  • Price: $75-$90

3.0 horsepower is a lot of motor for an industrial vacuum cleaner. You will have no trouble sucking up nuts, bolts, nails, and even larger items. Used in wet mode, this machine is a quick ‘picker upper.’ One customer who lives at the bottom of a hill reported that he always has water pooling in the basement after it rains. He was amazed that the Shop-Vac 925-40-10 handled all of it in about an hour, filling the tank every 2-3 minutes. That’s some major suction.

Storage Tank

The 10-gallon storage tank is small enough to keep the size and weight of this industrial vacuum cleaner manageable, while having enough volume to handle sizeable jobs without a lot of stopping to empty the tank.


Filtering is not as big an issue with industrial vacuum cleaners, but it’s a nice feature that could come in handy in certain situations. This Shop-Vac does an excellent job filtering out dust and common allergens when in dry mode.

Hose and Nozzle

A definite plus is the 14-inch floor nozzle. It doesn’t matter what or where you need to vacuum, the faster you can get it done, the better. At 14 inches wide, the Shop-Vac 925-40-10 makes quick work of most dry vacuuming jobs.

The locking hose is a very important feature in a wet/dry industrial vacuum cleaner. These machines typically take a lot more abuse than indoor vacuum cleaners. Having a hose that locks in place keeps strengthens the one vulnerable part of the machine.


A feature on the Shop-Vac 925-40-10 that nearly every customer who submitted a review rated highly was the 20-foot cord. Apparently, industrial vacuum cleaners tend to have short cords compared to indoor upright and canister vacuums. Many reviewers noted how nice it was not to have to use an extension cord to clean up around their shops or garages.

At 22 lbs., this is an amazingly light wet/dry vacuum. It’s hard to believe that Shop-Vac was able to create a machine with a hefty 3.0 HP motor and a 10-gallon tank and still keep the weight so low. But, they did, and it’s a major reason why this is such a great vacuum.

Last, but not least, there’s the low price. This is really why this particular Shop-Vac vacuum cleaner is so highly recommended. It’s a tremendous value at under $100, especially when you add up the importance of a powerful motor, large storage tank, long cord, and low weight.

The Cons With The Shop Vac Industrial Vacuum Cleaner: Invest in Ear Plugs

Just about the only serious knock brought up in reviews against the Shop-Vac 925-40-10 industrial vacuum cleaner is the noise level from the motor. To a certain extent, anyone buying a wet/dry industrial vacuum cleaner should expect higher decibels as you move up in motor horsepower. Still, several customers mentioned the loudness in their reviews, which indicates that it must be a genuine downside to owning this model.

One other minor complaint was the lack of additional attachments. In particular, a couple of reviewers noted that there was no soft bristle attachment. This is probably not so much an oversight by Shop-Vac as it is a nod to priorities. The fact is, most people buying wet/dry industrial vacuum cleaners use them in their shops, garages, and on construction and home improvement job sites. That probably accounts for why the company focused on attachments and tools that are relevant to these uses, as opposed to traditional indoor vacuum cleaning needs.

Industrial Vacuum Recommendation

Overall, the Shop-Vac 925-40-10 is highly recommended in reviews. Most of the time when we buy appliances, we end up comprising on some of the features we want for the sake of spending less money. In the case of this industrial vacuum cleaner, however, no compromise is necessary. Our review is that you’re getting a top-end machine for a bargain basement price. You don’t find values like that very often.