Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Hoover WindTunnel Vacuum

The Hoover WindTunnel (model S3755) is said to provide superior cleaning performance. It accomplishes this by the patented WindTunnel power nozzle. It has a convenient bagless design so you will not have to worry about emptying and replacing vacuum bags.

This Hoover WindTunnel model has placed the speed control right at your fingertips for ease of use and moving from one surface to another. It has a 15”cleaning path with dual brushes to lift carpet knap and edge carpets beautifully.

The Hoover Wind Tunnel is priced around $260.00 with a full 1 year warranty.

Hoover WindTunnel S3755 Features:

  • Patented WindTunnel Technology
  • Reduced Noise Canister
  • Low profile nozzle with dual edge groomers
  • HEPA Filter
  • 25’ cord that rewinds with a step of your foot
  • Telescoping wands

WindTunnel Technology:

WindTunnel Technology traps dirt and takes it directly into the dirt cup. This technology significantly minimizes dirt being released back into the air or scattering away from the nozzle. Even though this vacuum is light weight, it has more than enough suction to do any job.

Reduced Noise Canister:

Even with this vacuums powerful suction, you will not have to hear how well it works. This is due to the unique reduced noise design. With this feature you can vacuum and listen to music or hear the phone ring.

Easy Empty Dirt Cup:

The dirt cup on this machine is made to be easy to empty. Not only is dirt easy to empty, but the separator plate on the dirt cup traps large objects such as coins, lego’s etc. This allows you to retrieve them easily. This is unlike other vacuums where you have to search through the whole bag of debris for “prized” possessions.

Hoover WindTunnel S3755 Recommendations:


Most reviews were positive regarding the Hoover WindTunnel S3577 and would recommend it to others.

Almost all reviews stated that this vacuum has more than enough suction power. Consumers recommend adjusting the suction for different surfaces; for example, turning it down for area rugs. This is easy to do with the adjustment being conveniently located on the handle.

This vacuum is very quiet and one person said they are even able to watch T.V. while they vacuum because it is so quiet.

Another reviewer wrote that she can vacuum all her floors; tile, carpet, linoleum, and moves easily from one surface to another. She has six cats and five household members and stated that this vacuum handles it all!

Most agree that it is easy to use and lightweight. People often use this portable canister to clean their cars and because it is quiet, you can vacuum your car in the garage without the loud echoing.

Most negative comments were about the tools. Consumers stated that they were “brittle” and would break. One consumer said that the “rubber band” in the beater bar needs to be replaced quite often (about once a year). She said the part is only $1.00 and keeps them on hand now. One helpful review recommended the “electronic” model because it comes standard with additional powered tools and a hard-floor cleaning tool.


Those that left negative reviews stated that it is not durable, the “quick connect” hose clips break, the chord that runs through the hose breaks so the head no longer works, they are expensive to repair if warranty is up. These complaints were not the overall opinion but were noted by more than one reviewer.

The one comment that almost all people noted was that the dirt cup could be bigger. With the great suction you may have to empty it at least once if not more per cleaning.