Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

The Hoover WindTunnel T-Series Pet models include UH70100 (not a rewind model), UH70210, UH70211 and UH70215. Hoover specifically added this series to the standard WindTunnel design to address the issue of stubborn pet hair.

The WindTunnel Pet series features dual cyclonic technology, has a washable HEPA filter and five height adjustments. The main difference in the pet model is the specially designed pet upholstery tool. It has what is described as rubber wipers to pull stubborn pet hair off upholstery and the powerful suction will finish the job.

The least expensive model (UH70100) ranges from about $64 from online retailers to $99 from Hoover.

The other models (UH70210, UH70211 and UH70215) range from about $129 from online retailers to $160 for all of these models from Hoover.

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Features:

  • WindTunnel cyclonic Technology for powerful suction
  • Washable and reusable HEPA filter
  • Bagless – no bags to buy ever
  • Specialized tool for Pet hair removal

Cyclonic Technology:

The WindTunel has the famous patented dual cyclonic technology. It is effective in sucking up dirt that is deep down in the carpet fibers. This is especially helpful to households with children and pets that track in dirt from outdoors.

HEPA Filter:

Hoover uses a HEPA filtration system that traps dust and dirt inside the vacuum making exhausted air cleaner. This filter is washable, reusable and easy to take out and replace. This vacuum is also bagless so no more bags to buy, saving you even more money.

Pet Hair Tool:

These vacuums come standard with an air powered hand tool, 12 inch extension wand and a crevice tool. In addition, the Pet models supply a Pet upholstery tool with a rubber surface. This unique tool pulls pet hair from furniture, carpet and rugs to make stray pet hair a thing of the past.

Hoover WindTunnel Pet Rewind Recommendations:

When considering the pet models, the first thing to consider is your budget and what you are willing to spend. The H70100 is the least expensive model, but it has the fewest options. It weighs only 15.7 pounds for those that want a lightweight vacuum. It does not have the auto cord rewind, no headlight and does not have a folding handle for easy storage. Another serious drawback is that there is no beater brush turn off switch as the other models have. This is a concern for those with wood floors.

There is no question if these machines have enough power and will remove pet hair, that’s for sure. These are fairly inexpensive vacuums and my recommendation is to spend the extra $60 for the added features. The beater bar shut off switch is the clincher for me and all the other extra features are just icing on the cake. I recommend the UH70215 model because it has a 12’ hose (others are 8’).


The Hoover WindTunnel is a powerful machine and adjusts for all types of surfaces.

With all the attachments, you will be able to pick up pet hair, vacuum stairs, corners, ceilings and every inch of your home. Saves time and money to have one machine that can do it all.

Comes standard with on board tools that store easily and also has a specially designed pet tool for stubborn hair. You need tools to get the job done and I like them handy so you don’t have to search for them or store them elsewhere.

All models (except the UH70100) have the auto rewind cord. This is really convenient because instead of continual bending to wind the cord up, you just step on a pedal and it retracts neatly into the machine.

All models (except the UH70100) have a folding handle so that it stores easily in a closet. This is great for those with less space or if you want to store it in a coat closet.

Bagless vacuum, no more bags to buy. Saves money, time, and the hassle of running to the store to find the right bag.


More moving parts and features can mean more issues. Best to purchase new and make sure it comes with the 2 year warranty. If buying from a store, it may be worth it to purchase and extended warranty and make sure the auto rewind cord mechanism is covered.

All dirt cups seem to have static that makes dirt and pet hair stick to the side. You may have to wet a paper towel or have a special mitt to wipe it out. To some this may be an issue especially when pulling out pet hair.

The dirt cup seems to need to be emptied often and could be larger; which may be a consideration if you have a lot of pet hair or dirt. The good news is, you will see how well this vacuum works.