Hoover WindTunnel PAWS Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Hoover WindTunnel P.A.W.S. Bagless Vacuum Cleaner

This Hoover model, T-Series model UH70212, utilizes Hoover’s design and unique tools to deal with the issue of stubborn pet hair.

The PAWS model operates with dual cyclonic technology. It has a washable HEPA filter and a varying height adjustments to move smoothly from carpet to linoleum or wood surfaces.

The primary difference between the PAWS model and other WindTunnel models is the uniquely designed pet upholstery attachment. Its rubber wiper surface attracts and pulls up stubborn pet hair, and in combination with the powerful suction, removes pet hair from upholstery and other surfaces.

The PAWS model ranges in price from about $129 from online retailers to $160 from Hoover and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Hoover WindTunnel PAWS Features:

  • Patented dual cyclonic technology
  • HEPA filtration system
  • Self rewinding cord
  • Dirt cup that replaces bags
  • No scuff bumper

WindTunnel Technology:

With the PAWS model you will have the power of Hoover’s dual cyclonic technology. What this means to you is that the suction power is strong enough to remove debris embedded deep down in the fibers of the carpet.This is an important feature and will even help older carpets give up dirt, sand and debris that other vacuums may leave behind. For those concerned with dust and allergens in the air, Hoover has a washable and reusable HEPA filtration system to leave exhausted air cleaner.

No Scuff Bumper and Rewind Cord:

These are two features that most people do not think of when considering a vacuum, but they are worth some thought. I get upset when a vacuum scuffs up walls from the bumper, it is not easy to get the black marks off. It takes time to either remove the marks or it takes more time being careful so you don’t scuff walls or trim.

Hoover solves the problem with a “no scuff” bumper to make it easier for you to move flawlessly through your work. The cord rewind system also saves time. You step on a pedal and the cord is retracted into the machine. No winding and no bending.

Pet Hair Tool:

The PAWS WindTunnel has a handy air powered hand tool, extension wand and a crevice tool. Those are the standard tools; but with this model you will also get a Pet upholstery tool. This uniquely designed tool removes pet hair using a rubber wiper system. No more having to vacuum over and over trying to get all the pet hair from rugs, carpet and upholstery.

Hoover WindTunnel PAWS Recommendations:

Mrs. Clean recommends this vacuum as it is reasonably priced, has ample power, does an excellent job on pet hair and has many useful features.

The UH70212 has plenty of features for the price such as a headlight, auto rewind cord, pet attachment, on board tools and beater shut off switch. The power on this machine is more than enough to vacuum deep down dirt and together with the attachments, should tackle any job around the house.

This vacuum can remove pet hair on upholstery around the house, and you can also use the attachment in the car if you take your pet for rides.


The Hoover PAWS has powerful suction and uses a beater bar to remove dirt deep down in carpets. It also has a “suction only” mode to turn off the beater bar for hardwood floors and linoleum.

This vacuum is a multi-tasker. It is strong enough to pick up pet hair and versatile enough to, vacuum stairs, get in corners and reach ceilings. The tools are stored on board so they are handy.

The auto rewind feature allows one step cord winding eliminating bending and winding the cord.

The PAWS has a folding handle allowing it to store in less space. Great for small closets or easy storage in your coat closet.

This WindTunnel model is a bagless vacuum and has a washable reusable HEPA filter. Saves money and hassles of buying bags and filters.


More moving parts and features sometimes can lead to more issues. It is best to purchase these vacuums new and make that the full 2 year warrant is included. You may want to consider an extended warranty if one is offered and ask specifically if the cord auto rewind mechanism is covered under this warranty.

Static in the dirt cup can make debris and pet hair stick to the side of the container. Some find it too disgusting to remove the remaining or stuck dirt and hair by hand. I would suggest using a wet paper towel or buy a special mitt to wipe the inside. This will be an issue with most plastic dirt containers.

The standard dirt cup could be larger because of the need to empty often and you may want a model with a larger dirt container especially if you have multiple pets.