Eureka Commercial Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Eureka Commercial Lightweight Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The C2132B is an upright vacuum built for commercial purposes. This vacuum has the unusual feature, for being a commercial vacuum, of not using disposable paper bags.

The Eureka C2132B is lightweight and easy to maneuver. This vacuum weighs about 15 pounds and has a narrow, 12 inch cleaning path and available from about $134 from online retailers, and comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s parts and labor warranty.

Eureka Commercial Lightweight Features:

  • E-Z Kleen Dust Cup
  • Carpet Height Adjustment
  • Bumper
  • Long Power Cord

E-Z Kleen Dust Cup:

One of the features that make this model unique is the E-Z Kleen Dust Cup. The dust cup is made out of clear plastic, so you can see what you are picking up, and how full the dust cup is. Unlike a vacuum with a paper bag, there is no guess work regarding when to change the bag; you’ll be able to see when you need to empty the dust cup.

Carpet Height Adjustment:

The C2132B has a dial on the front of the nozzle to adjust carpet height to the appropriate pile/type of carpet. Because this vacuum has a 4 position carpet height adjustment, you’ll find the C2132B effectively cleans many different styles of carpeting.


Are you worried about bumping into furniture and doing possible damage? You won’t need to be with the C2132B. It has a clear, scuff proof bumper designed to protect furniture and woodwork.

Long Power Cord:

This is worth mentioned because some vacuum’s have ridiculously short power cords. The C2132B has a 30 foot power cord, which means you’ll spend less time looking for or switching outlets, and more time vacuuming.

Eureka Commercial Lightweight Recommendations:

Mrs. Clean does not recommend this model for home use. This is probably a good model for possibly motel/hotel use, where the majority of the floor is carpeted.


  • No vacuum bags to change ever.
  • You don’t need any tools to change the vacuum belt.


This vacuum is really only designed to pick up dust and dust particles. The owner’s manual states to avoid picking up hard or sharp objects with the vacuum to avoid causing bag tears, hose clogs, or fan blade breakage.

The beater bar cannot be shut off. This vacuum is safe for use on carpeted floors only; it is not safe for use on hard surface floors.

Although this vacuum does not have disposable paper bags, it has a cloth bag. The cloth bag does play an important role in the efficiency of the vacuum cleaner. The cloth bag allows air to move through the cleaner, and traps dirt inside the bag and the dust cup.

When dirt clings to the interior of the cloth bag, air flow is restricted. The cloth bag and the dirt cup will both need to be emptied and the cloth bag shaken clean for maximum performance. This sounds messy and inconvenient, plus you’ll exposure yourself to dirt/dust.