Eureka Boss Smart Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of Eureka Boss Smart Vac

This is another one of Eureka vacuum cleaners that was rated as a best buy in Consumer Digest magazine.

Its cleaning performance delivers power where you need it most. It traps the smallest dust particles, pet hair, and other allergy and asthma triggers with its sealed HEPA filtration system; ideal for people that need to reduce allergens in their home.

There is very little this vacuum will not be able to reach or pick up in your home. The 15 inch cleaning path comes with a furniture guide to eliminate any possibility of scratches. The tools are stored right on the vacuum. This vacuum is comfortable to use with its easy to handle design. This vacuum captures the dirt most vacuums leave behind.

Eureka Boss Smart Vac Features:

  • Upright with a bag system
  • 12-amp motor ultra-quiet with superior suction
  • HEPA Filtration
  • 7 height adjustments
  • Suction switch
  • On board attachments
  • Anti Clog design
  • 30 ft cord
  • On/off brush roll

Bag System:

People that are choosing the bag system are usually looking for dust free cleaning. The bag on this vacuum will help keep dust particles to a minimum, which means less dust in your home which helps with any allergies you may be struggling with. The bag keeps dust trapped inside and the HEPA filtration system helps to keep it from going back into the air.

Anti Clog Design/Suction Switch:

This system aids in keeping your vacuum clear of clogs. There is an easy suction switch that you can flip to get more suction if need be with just one simple flip. You will appreciate this feature with pets or small children that leave small objects or large amounts of hair around.


The attachments are right where you need them when vacuuming is a must. No more wasting time trying to find the right attachment. This makes it easy to get the job finished with the correct tools readily available.

This vacuum comes with the amazing Power Paw with a riser visor to keep all the pet hair going into the vacuum and not back into the air. If you own pets you will love this tool for cleaning your furniture and anywhere else your pet leaves behind hair. The deluxe upholstery tool works wonders on your sofa, chairs – all your furniture. There is also a dusting brush to lend a hand with dusting.

30 Foot Cord/On/Off Brush Roll:

The 30ft. cord allows for covering larger areas. The on/off brush roll feature enables you to go from your hard surfaces to carpeted areas with one flip of the switch.

Eureka Boss Smart Vac Recommendations:

One pet owner wrote in that this vacuum is great for people with pets and kids. They love their vacuum. She said it was a “great bang for the buck”. Having tried many bagless styles in the past they found the dog hair just clogged them up. This is as efficient as a bagless vacuum but it doesn’t clog. Going from bare floors to carpets is very smooth.

While another owner said it was so easy to handle. She thought it would be heavy to push but found out it was self-propelled and she didn’t have to push hard at all. No messy canister to empty several times while she is vacuuming. She can see why it was a Consumer Reports best buy.

The only negative comment was it can be a little heavy to lug up and down the stairs.