Eureka Boss Smart Vac Review

Review of Eureka Boss Smart-Vac

This vacuum model was rated “best buy” from a major consumer magazine.

The Boss Smart -Vacuum advertises an exclusive sealed HEPA filter system that will captures 99.97% of dust and allergens. This is especially helpful for those who suffer from asthma and/or allergies.

It is designed to not only clean more thoroughly, but to protect tile and hardwood floors throughout your home. The bare floor brushes, combined with superior suction, pick up more dirt and dust;even in the corners and along the baseboards. Because of these and other great features, you will find the Eureka 4870GZ Boss Smart vacuum superior in cleaning your home.

This vacuum can be found in most department stores with a price tag around $150.

Eureka 4870GZ Features:

  • Motorized brush roll
  • HEPA filtration
  • Deluxe wide cleaning path
  • High/Low suction switch
  • 30 ft cord

Conveinent on/off switch:

This allows you to go from bare floors to carpet quickly and easily.

Deluxe Wide Cleaning Path:

Provides a cleaning path 25 percent wider than most standard vacuums, allowing you to cover more space thus reducing cleaning time.

High/Low Suction Switch:

Adjusts the suction power so, when using the wand, you can vary the suction power depending on the job at hand.

Stretch Hose:

Convenient feature for corners and hard to reach ceilings. When using the hose, the brush on the vacuum body turns off. This feature saves on the wear of the brush and also protects the surface of your floor.


Attachments are mounted directly on the vacuum for easy access. The upholstery attachment easily switches from vacuuming your floors to furniture and then switches right back to floors again.

The patented paw attachment efficiently removes stubborn pet hair from furniture. Additional attachments include a dusting tool, and a crevice tool for complete and thorough cleaning.

Eureka 4870GZ Recommendations:

One reviewer stated that, after researching and reading many reviews, the Boss was the right choice for her. After purchasing, she uses her Boss almost daily and is highly satisfied. Impressed with the amount of suction, she cautions consumers to watch out for tiny toys because they will be sucked up and you may have a very sad child! Other features that she finds helpful are that the wheels are rubber and safe for hardwood floors. She added that her area rugs even feel softer after vacuuming with the Boss. She would definitely buy this vacuum again.

There was some controversy about the weight. Some consumers found it heavy while others said that the weight made it sturdier and harder to tip over. They added that it can be carried up and down the steps easier when you flip the brush switch to off; if moving while running.

A reviewer said that they had an issue with the tools attaching to the vacuum, saying that it seemed to make the vacuum clumsy. They remedied the situation by storing the tools in their closet. Other reviews left positive feedback stating that they liked the feature of having the tools available right when they need them.

A mother, with a family of seven, said she has owned her Boss for 3 years now. She uses her vacuum sometimes as many as 3 times a day. Her children suffer from allergies and the HEPA filter system helps keep her home as clean as possible; alleviating some of her childrens symptoms. She appreciates the reliability and commented that it still has strong suction and runs perfect; after 3 years. The weight seems heavy yet it is also sturdy and doesn’t fall over. Her children vacuum all the time. They live in a single story home and she stated that if she had a second floor, she would purchase another Boss and keep one upstairs as well; for convenience.

The Boss is priced right and appears to be sturdy and strong enough to withstand high usage. For the price, features and durability, it is no wonder why it was rated as a “best buy”.