Dyson DC28 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Dyson DC28 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

The DC28 is an upright style vacuum designed specifically to pick up annoying pet hair, using a bagless technology. With this technology there are no replacement bags to purchase ever.

The Dyson DC28 has a clear bin so you can see what is being vacuumed up. The Animal also features a washable, lifetime HEPA filter. This vacuum is certified to be allergy and asthma friendly.

This vacuum weighs approximately 20 lbs, costs $599.00 and is backed by a 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Dyson DC28 Features:

  • Airmuscle™ Technology
  • Root Cyclone™ Technology
  • Fingertip control

Airmuscle Technology:

What Airmuscle™ Technology does is pull the Animal vacuum cleaner head deep into the carpet pile, which helps dislodge and remove embedded dirt and pet hair. It does this via a pneumatic actuator. Basically a pneumatic actuator converts compressed air into motion using a cylinder, piston and a valve.

The Dyson Animal also features a powered cam. The cam raises and lowers the brush bar for different flooring types, and focuses on suction. The Animal has a high torque clutch. This means more power is delivered to the brush bar, and more dirt is dislodged from carpets.

Root Cyclone ™ Technology:

Ordinary vacuum cleaners that use bags let fine dust escape through the bag. This dust blocks the airflow in the vacuum, causing a loss of suction. Dyson has designed a system that uses Root Cyclone™ Technology. This system uses 150,000 gs of centrifugal force in the cyclones. Dust and dirt are efficiently removed from the airflow. Because there is nothing to obstruct the airflow, the vacuum doesn’t clog or loose suction.

Fingertip Controls:

For ease of use to the operator, Dyson has designed the animal with fingertip controls. There are no awkward dials to deal with, and no need to get any extra bending exercise. The fingertip controls adjust or deactivate the beater bar for use on different types of flooring surfaces.

Dyson DC28 Recommendations:

Mrs Clean recommends this model.

Dyson’s are backed by longer than standard warranties, so in the event you have a problem with your vacuum, you are covered for 5 years.


The Dyson Animal is manufactured with a 35 foot long cord. This cord is long enough that you can finish the chore of vacuuming without always changing electric outlets.

The Animal comes with a few additional attachments designed to make the operator’s cleaning as easy and effective as possible. There is a mini turbine tool for use on confined spaces such as upholstery or your vehicle. Dyson’s Flat-Out tool is designed to get under low lying furniture. This tool has an articulating head, so the operator will find it easy to reach all areas. The animal also has a stair tool, for effective cleaning on carpeted stairs.


You’ll get a work out in while using this vacuum. Because the suction is strong, and the vacuum head seals to the floor, this vacuum can be heavy to push. This vacuum might be difficult for small children or the elderly to use.

The hose attachment can be challenging to use. This part of the Dyson doesn’t seem to be ergonomically designed very well. The hose is stiff, and doesn’t stretch very far.