Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Dyson DC26 Multi Floor Vacuum Cleaner

The Dyson Multi-Floor Vacuum model DC26 is a compact vacuum designed for use in smaller, apartment sized homes. This model is a canister style vacuum that is so compact, that you can actually hold the canister in the palm of your hand.

The DC26 is a bagless vacuum, which means that you never need to purchase vacuum bags, priced from $399. The manufacture backs this model with a 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Dyson DC26 Features:

  • Cyclone Technology
  • Filtration System
  • Accessories
  • Lightweight and compact

Cyclone Technology:

Ordinary vacuum cleaners that use bags let fine dust escape through the bag. This dust blocks the airflow in the vacuum, causing a loss of suction. Dyson has designed a system that uses Root Cyclone™ Technology. This system uses 150,000 g’s of centrifugal force in the cyclones. Dust and dirt are efficiently removed from the airflow. Because there is nothing to obstruct the airflow, the vacuum doesn’t clog or loose suction.

Filtration System:

The Dyson DC26 uses HEPA filtration, which means allergens, pollens and other respiratory irritants are removed. Cleaner air is expelled from the vacuums exhaust. The filter is also washable, which means you won’t have to spend money replacing costly filters.


The DC26 comes with an articulating hard floor tool that maneuvers easily into narrow spaces, and a combination accessory tool. This tool converts to brush tool for dusting.

The other feature that sets this vacuum apart is the fact that the brushes are made out of ultra fine carbon fiber. This means the brushes are anti-static, which in turn means the vacuum is much more effective at removing dust from hard flooring surfaces.

Also available for separate purchase for about $30 each; is a soft dusting brush, and a wide nozzle mattress tool.

Lightweight and Compact:

The DC26 is so compact that you can hold it in one hand. Another way to picture how compact it is-place an ordinary sheet of paper in front of you. Now picture a canister vacuum on top of that paper. Or better yet, place your current vacuum on top of the paper. This will give you a visual on how compact this vacuum actually is. The DC26 is compact in all dimensions. Its height measures approximately 10.5 inches.

The DC26 weighs about 12 lbs total. This includes the head, wand, hose and the canister.

Dyson DC26 Recommendations:

Mrs. Clean recommends the Dyson DC26.

The vacuum is expensive, but it is manufactured out of quality ABS polycarbonate materials. Dyson backs these vacuums with a longer than normal warranty. And the good news is you’ll never have to purchase vacuum bags.


This is a vacuum that has powerful suction, and does not lose suction as time goes by. The vacuum is so small it is easy to store. Even the smallest of homes will be able to find some small space to store this vacuum.

The DC26 comes with accessories to make for more complete cleaning. With a reach of about 10 feet, you’ll be able to get your above floor cleaning done also.

The DC26 has a retractable cord. This is a no-mess way to store your cord. When you are done using the machine, press the button and the cord is stored neatly away.


  • It has a rather small debris bin, but the vacuum itself is so compact, this is to be expected.
  • When using on carpeting that has high pile, it only has average performance.
  • Dyson’s are a bit on the pricey side.