Dyson DC23 Turbine Head Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Dyson DC23 Turbine Head Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC23 Turbine head is a powerful canister vacuum and has the patented Level 3 Root Cyclone™ technology. This means that although a canister, it creates 220 air watts of constant and powerful suction like the Dyson uprights.

This model was designed for ease of use. It is lightweight (19.5 lbs) and easily maneuverable. It has a turbine head with brush bar that also delivers powerful constant suction and the brush bar can easily be turned off for use on hardwoods.

The DC23 is equipped with a lifetime HEPA filter and is washable. It traps microscopic allergens including mold and pollen and leaves the air you breathe cleaner. For this reason the Dyson DC 23 turbine head is certified “Asthma and allergy friendly” by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America.

Pricing for the Dyson DC23 Turbine head is around $399 and comes with a 5 year parts and labor warranty.

Dyson DC23 Turbine Head Features:

  • Powerful Dyson Root Cyclone™ 3 Technology
  • Lifetime HEPA Filter
  • Turbine head brush bar
  • 21 Foot Cord
  • Lightweight 19.5 Pounds

Dyson Root Cyclone 3 Technology:

Dyson DC23 Turbine Head canister is lightweight but not light on power. This vacuum has the famous Dyson patented cyclone technology which creates 220 air watts of powerful suction. This allows a small canister vacuum to have enough suction to lift dirt and debris from deep in the carpet like an upright.

HEPA Filter:

The HEPA filter is standard and it is reassuring to know that all the dirt and debris that is collected stays in the filter. In addition, allergens are contained in the vacuum and cleaner air is exhausted for a healthier environment.

Turbine head brush bar:

This brush bar is air driven and with the powerful suction makes it ideal for deep cleaning short to medium pile carpets. The brush bar can be turned off when vacuuming hard floors.



The DC23 Turbine Head vacuum has powerful suction especially for a canister. With the amount of suction, it will get deep down to the dirt that other vacuums seem to miss. This suction, long with the standard attachments, is quite effective in removing dust and dirt from every corner and crevice of your house.

It is lightweight so you can easily move around the house or carry it upstairs or even use it for your car or motor home. I’ve tried to move heavier vacuums, and it is not pleasant. 19.5 lbs is perfect for people that want a powerful vacuum but need (or want) the lightweight feature.


It is not recommended for longer carpet. This is a concern to me because if I am going to pay $400 for a vacuum, I want it to do it all!

I don’t want to have to think that there would be a job my vacuum couldn’t tackle. It also brings up the question as to why, with so much suction, can’t it do longer carpet? Why would they put a limitation on such a pricey machine?

The turbine brush turns off for hardwoods, but the switch is located on the brush head. You have to pick it up (or bend over) push the button and then continue vacuuming. Doesn’t seem like much, but it should be designed with a button at your fingertips.


Dyson DC23 Turbine Head Recommendations:

I don’t recommend this vacuum, especially for those that have longer carpet or shag; it seems that the turbine head will not handle these and even Dyson does not recommend it for longer carpets.

A pricey canister vacuum but it definitely has more suction than most canisters. It is a great vacuum for hardwoods and seems to work very well on short to medium pile carpet according to DC23 owners.

There were more issues with this model versus the DC 23 Animal which comes with two turbine heads and tackles tough pet hair. I would spend the extra $100 or so and get the Dyson DC23 Animal model that does it all and does it well with fewer limitations.