Dyson DC23 Animal Vacuum Cleaner Review

Review of the Dyson DC23 Animal Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Dyson DC23 Animal is a canister vacuum with patented Level 3 Root Cyclone™ technology that creates 220 air watts of constant and powerful suction.

This model was designed specifically for homes with pets. It has a turbine head and also a Mini turbine head that removes dirt, pet hair and dander from carpets, upholstery and all your tight spaces.

The DC23 comes with a washable lifetime HEPA filter that will trap microscopic allergens, mold and pollen leaving the air you breathe cleaner according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America. That is why the Dyson is certified “Asthma and allergy friendly” by the AAFA.

Pricing for the Dyson DC23 ranges from $455 to $499.

Dyson DC23 Animal Specifications/Features

  • Patented Level 3 Root Cyclone™ technology
  • 220 AW Air Watts suction (constant)
  • Fixed wheel
  • Lifetime HEPA filter
  • Bin capacity 0.44 gallons
  • Dimensions 13.9 x 19.3 x 11.9 inches (HxWxD)
  • Weight19.5 lbs
  • Max. reach 36.2 ft
  • Cord length 21.6 ft


  • Stair tool: Removes dust and dirt from stairs and stair carpets
  • Articulating hard floor tool: Maneuvers easily and cleans narrow gaps
  • Brush tool:Long bristles to remove cobwebs and for delicate cleaning
  • Turbine head: The air driven brush bar is ideal for cleaning medium and short pile carpets and can be turned off for hard floors
  • Mini turbine head: Removes pet hair and dirt from confined spaces such as upholstery, stairs, and the car. Quickly attaches to the hose or wand.
  • Crevice tool: High velocity airflow crevice tool ideal for cleaning base boards and in-between furniture

Dyson DC23 Animal Highlights:

Dyson Root Cyclone 3 Technology:

Dyson DC23 Animal canister vacuum has the patented cyclone technology that creates 220 air watts of powerful suction. This powerful suction lifts dirt and hair deep in the carpet and collects it in the hygienic dirt cup. All the dirt and allergens are contained in the vacuum and clean air is exhausted for a healthier environment.


The Dyson DC 23 Animal comes with additional attachments. Not only do you receive the stair tool, brush and crevice tool, but two turbine attachments.

The main turbine head has a powerful air driven brush bar that cleans short and medium pile carpets. It can also be conveniently turned off for hard floor surfaces.

The mini turbine head will remove dirt and pet hair in tight spaces. It can also tackle tough jobs like stairs, furniture and automobiles. You can switch between turbine heads quickly and easily.

Articulating Hard Floor Tool:

This handy tool attaches quickly when cleaning hard floors. It is constructed to swivel and maneuver around furniture as well as having a low enough profile to get under furniture easily.


Everyone raves about the powerful suction on the DC 23 Animal; and when dealing with pet hair this is the key thing to look for. You will need a strong suction that does not fluctuate to vacuum up hair and small particles.

Plus if there is a lot of pet hair, the strong suction will keep the fur and dirt moving all the way to the collector to eliminate clogging. If you’ve ever had to remove a clog of pet hair, you can really appreciate that this won’t be an issue with this machine.

This canister vacuum is not only powerful but is easy to maneuver and user friendly. The attachments are great for moving from one surface to another and having the right tool for the job.

It is also light weight and easy to carry up and down stairs unlike my old heavy and bulky vacuum. You can also easily take it outside and vacuum your car or camper.


Although the DC23 Animal is a canister vacuum it stores like an upright. If you don’t have much storage space, you’ll be forewarned that it takes up an unexpectedly large amount of horizontal storage space.

The other storage issue is that the actual unit stores only the 3 basic tools. The additional turbine head, mini turbine head and the hard floor tool do not fit on the unit so they need to be stored separately. This seems like an inconvenience because you will have to go back to the closet or carry them with you when you vacuum different surfaces.

Dyson DC23 Animal Recommendations:

This seems like an awful lot of money to spend on a canister vacuum however, it’s simply a great canister vacuum cleaner.

It has more suction power than most other canisters and that is what you would really need to get up all the various forms of pet hair. It is also light weight so that you can take it anywhere with ease. This makes it versatile to use in the house, for the car or in the motor home.

So, if you can afford the initial price and if you want a canister for ease of use and one that will definitely do the job, this would be a good option.

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